Tuesday, November 15, 2016

MySwing Golf Launches Major Software Update

(Scottsdale, AZ) — MySwing Golf, the world’s leading full-body 3D motion capture analysis system for the golf swing, has announced the launch of its newest and most sophisticated software package. The software is now available for download to all existing MySwing customers.

The key upgrades with the new software include biofeedback, which uses both audio and visual cues, that allows coaches to share instant swing feedback with their students; and a report comparing a student’s swing to tour ranges, allowing instructors to quickly focus on one or two major swing issues and provide a quick evaluation to the student. Instructors can add comments to this report and share it with their students via PDF. In addition, there are a variety of 3D planes and a new 3D wrist view.

“Students learn much faster if they can both see and feel what their instructor wants them to do rather than the instructor forcing the player into a certain position,” said MySwing Director of Product Development, Chase Cooper. “Our goal with MySwing is to be as visual and user friendly as possible. Forcing instructors and their students to look at and understand graphs really isn’t the right approach.”

The MySwing Professional product is the only wireless 3D system that is portable and can be used indoors as well as outdoors for a real-time teaching experience.

According to Cooper, the MySwing Pro state-of-the-art system takes golf instruction to a new level.  “Golf instructors have two goals:  improve their students and increase revenue. With this new software release, we will help them accomplish both.”

For more information about MySwing Golf, visit www.myswing.com or call (480) 247-2144.

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