Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Big.Balls. - an Oversized Golf Training Ball - Launches Campaign on Kickstarter

Designed to improve putting and lower the number of strokes, Big.Balls. helps golfers take strokes off their game

(Ontario, Canada) - Big.Balls. is the first ever over-sized golf ball that is used to help train golfers to score more birdies and eliminate three-putts. The innovative golf ball is expertly engineered to help golfers improve their game in practice so they can bring their skills to the green. Big.Balls. is currently running a campaign on Kickstarter to raise enough funds for the final production of the flagship product.

Big.Balls. are 30 percent larger than the traditional, PGA-approved golf ball to help avid and novice golfers improve their putting game. Big.Balls. have the same core and outer shell as traditional golf balls to ensure they feel, roll and weigh the same as traditional balls.

After putting with Big.Balls. in practice, when golfers step onto the green with a standard size ball, the hole will subconsciously appear larger and increase the golfer’s confidence in hitting any short putt.

“Our over-sized golf balls are designed to work the same way practice balls for other sports industries do,” Big.Balls. CEO Myles Doak said. “Basketball players use oversized balls to practice shooting and some golfers even resort to using tennis balls to practice their putt. With Big.Balls., golfers are practicing with something as similar as they can get without buying gimmicky, expensive, tech-related golf products.”

Every Big.Balls. package comes with two oversized balls as well as a guide of short putting drills, so golfers can effortlessly perfect their putt. Currently, Big.Balls. is accepting pre-orders starting at around $10 for one package. To learn more or to pre-order, visit bit.ly/BigBallsKS.

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