Friday, November 25, 2016

Product Review: Biion Footwear

I started playing golf in the 1980s. Back then, golf shoes were made of leather and thick, unforgiving soles, with metal spikes. What they lacked in comfort, they made up for in ugliness. In other words, there wasn’t anything nice about golf shoes - feel or look.

Everything has evolved over the last 30-plus years, of course, and today’s golf shoes are constructed with comfort in mind, as much as performance. One company doing things completely different and taking comfort to another level is Biion.

We tried out the very stylish wingtips, but there are also classics, brights, saddles and patterns. While most have a real flare, those who really want to stand out will choose something from the patterns collections. Think argyle, leopard / zebra print, anchors, snake skin, tropical, and more.

Before you take your shoes out of the box, you’ll notice the difference. In fact, these shoes are so light you may think you received an empty box! The secret is the light and flexible ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) material.

Another difference ... There are no laces on the Biion shoes. The stretchy opening makes sliding them on and off a breeze. That said, be sure to get the right size as you can't compensate by tightening the laces. The company recommends you go down one half size to one full size from what you normally wear. Decide between a “performance fit” vs. “relaxed fit.” Performance is the size down, while relaxed is your typical size. I could wear either, but will opt for the smaller size on the course.

Perhaps my favorite difference is the ability to wear Biion shoes without socks. Don’t worry about sweaty, stinky shoes as a result. These kicks are designed with anti micro-bacterial composites and breathable holes. If they do get a little sketchy, they’re 100 percent washable and dry in seconds.

As you can imagine, Biion shoes are spikeless - opting for a honeycomb cleat and Hextra-grip technology. This combines for traction and stability.

I know there are some hardcore traditionalists out there who found it difficult to give up their metal spikes when plastic came into vogue. Those people surely haven’t embraced the sheer comfort of spikeless shoes at this point. Biion is not for them. They are, however, for anyone who would like to experience the near weightlessness of these puppies. They have to be the closest thing to playing golf barefoot.

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As described these shoes have a classic look eith with sneaker comfort.
The shoe dress up any round