Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Product Review: SuperStroke Putter Grips

Golfers always talk about “feel.” And you could argue that the most important feel club in the bag is the putter. Fortunately, SuperStroke offers an incredible array of grips to meet any want or desire.

A company built upon innovation, SuperStroke offers myriad styles - from slim and mid-slim to Fatso and Flatso. And there are variations within each type.

Why replace your grip? After all, your putter comes with a grip and wearing isn’t as big of an issue as it is with your irons or woods. Why spend the $25-35 on a new grip? I go back to feel. Good luck making a putt if the putter doesn’t feel right in your hands.

No Taper
What is so different about SuperStroke grips? For one, there’s not a taper as seen with conventional putter grips. The company refers to this as “Parallel Technology.” The no-taper design promotes even grip pressure, which produces a more consistent and repeatable putting stroke.

This makes sense. If your right hand has less to grip than your left, the pressure will likely be different. Considering that you want to avoid being “handsy” and allow your larger arm and shoulder muscles to do most of the work, an even grip pressure is a nice start.

The FATSO (right) next to the Mid Slim
Size Matters
The standard SuperStroke grip is the Slim, which had been flanked by the Ultra Slim and the FATSO. The Mid Slim came at the request of Tour players who wanted something between the Slim and Ultra Slim. I would recommend something in the Slim family for people who like standard grips, but want to see how the no-taper design plays.

Want something a bit more extreme? Try the FATSO. Measuring in at a whopping 1.67” in diameter, this big boy will get your attention. Again, the idea is to minimize your hands in the putting stroke - adding importance to your arms and shoulders - while promoting a pendulum swing.

FLATSO has a pentagonal profile
Shape 2.0
Adding to your options, is the FLATSO series by SuperStroke. With a pentagonal profile (that’s five sides or angles for the geometrically challenged), the FLATSO increases stroke consistency due to its wider flat-front and multiple edges. I prefer this style because it helps square the putter face at set-up … and, hopefully, at impact. The FLATSO 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 increase in diameter from 1.10” to 1.25” to 1.40”.

SuperStroke’s CounterCore Technology allows golfers to fine tune feel by adjusting grip weight. Every new CounterCore putter grip comes with a 50-gram back-weight. Again, this engages larger muscles in the arms, shoulders and back, which results in more of a pendulum motion. Sense a theme? They can also be played without the weight if you prefer.

If you’re considering a grip change, do yourself a favor and check out SuperStroke. There are so many options. If you’d made it this far in the article, you’re likely looking for something different on your putter because you’re not making putts and costing yourself valuable strokes.

The only thing standard within the SuperStroke family of grips is the no-taper design. After that, there’s such a wide array of options, there’s no need to be stuck in a rut while you putt. The only thing you have to lose … strokes.

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