Monday, November 28, 2016

ScoreBand Adds Two New Rangefinders Featuring FlagLock Vibration and Slope Compensation

VIBE & VIBE SL600 will provide enhanced technology at an affordable price

(CHARLESTON, SC) – ScoreBand, the South Carolina-based golf technology company, announced today the official launch of two new additions to its family of rangefinder products, the ScoreBand VIBE and VIBE SL600. The VIBE line will provide the great value that the ScoreBand family of products is known for while delivering enhanced technology for the everyday golfer to get the most out of their game. The VIBE and VIBE SL600 will be made available immediately through the ScoreBand website.

The ScoreBand VIBE and VIBE SL600 will serve as the top-of-the-line amongst ScoreBand products while keeping true to ScoreBand’s roots of affordable pricing and accessible technology.

The VIBE provides its signature flaglock vibration technology along with other premium features (400 yd range, 6x magnification and accuracy to within one yard). The VIBE SL600 serves as a step up from the VIBE, integrating slope compensation and an extended 600 yard range as well as flaglock vibration technology.

The introduction of these two products is another significant move this year by ScoreBand as they look to continue to make an impact in the golf tech industry through providing accessible technology to golfers across North America. Since announcing its partnership with PGA TOUR athlete, Graham DeLaet as its global ambassador in Spring 2016, ScoreBand has released a special edition DeLaet rangefinder and an exclusive distribution deal in Canada, while continuing to grow its online and physical presence across the United States.

“The VIBE and VIBE SL600 are two very exciting additions to our ever continuing initiatives to make golf tech available to all types of golfers,” said ScoreBand President & Founder, Jody Murdough. “Being able to provide technologies such as flaglock vibration and slope compensation at an affordable price has long been an area of focus for our team and we believe these products will be tough to beat in the rangefinder space.”

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