Wednesday, November 30, 2016

December Traveling Golfer Stays Warm by Heading Indoors at Play-a-Round Golf

(PHILADELPHIA, Pa.) - The December Traveling Golfer show provides a change of pace from its regular excursions to resorts across the country and around the world. This month it takes the show indoors.
Play-a-Round Golf, the indoor play and practice facilities on Philadelphia's Main Line, are the site for the December episode of the award-winning golf and lifestyle television show.
The first Play-a-Round Golf center opened 10 years ago on Lancaster Pike in Malvern. The newest center opens this month on Greenfield Ave. in Ardmore. These two indoor golf centers are emblematic of the largest area of growth in the golf industry - virtual golf.
"Our goal is to take golf to Main Street," says Steve Graves, owner of the two Play-a-Round golf facilities. "We have entered a new era in the world of golf. People have less time available for the game. Our indoor facilities solve a number of golf's biggest obstacles to growth."
The Play-a-Round centers are fueled by the latest simulator technology, courtesy of the industry leader About Golf. Golfers can choose from more than 60 golf courses worldwide for their indoor experience. Or they can chose to practice on a modern driving range - with the support of every technological advance in swing evaluation.
"It is a totally new concept in the way we play and practice golf," says Jim Bromley, a PGA professional and one of the instructors available for lessons at Play-a-Round Golf. "Not only is the golf realistic, but you never have to worry about wind, rain, heat or cold. Every swing is taken under perfect conditions."
Show host Tony Leodora is a firm believer in the indoor golf phenomenon. He has seen it evolve over the last 10 years.
"I play in better-ball competitions at Play-a-Round Golf," says Leodora. "I practice on the range. I test new equipment. I fine-tune the equipment I already have. I had to be convinced in the beginning, but now I am a complete convert."
The episode from Play-a-Round Golf begins airing December 1 - the same day as the grand opening of the new facility in Ardmore -- and runs throughout the month on the Traveling Golfer network of websites ... including The Golf Director Network (see full list of sites on It also will air on Monday, December 12 as part of the Press Box television show in Myrtle Beach, 5 to 7 p.m. on HTC Ch. 4. The Traveling Golfer also airs as a scheduled weekly feature show on Comcast SportsNet and The Comcast Network throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions. Comcast SportsNet airings are 10:30 a.m. Sundays and 4:30 p.m. Thursdays. The Comcast Network airs the show at 6 p.m. Mondays and Fridays.
As part of every Traveling Golfer show there is the additional feature, "Tech Talk", hosted by Tour Edge Golf experts, such as President Dave Glod. With years of experience as a club maker, Glod presents an inside look at the research and development of high-quality golf equipment.
Responding to golfers' never-ending demands to learn more about interesting golf courses and golf resorts across the country and around the world, well-traveled host Tony Leodora created the Traveling Golfer so he could take viewers on video trips to some of the most exciting golf locations. The show won first place for golf television broadcasts in the prestigious International Network of Golf Awards, presented at the PGA Merchandise Show in January.
The Traveling Golfer is a series of monthly shows hosted by Leodora, who has 16 years of experience in televised golf. The featured destination stays on the website for one month, before being replaced by a new show. The old shows are archived for continued viewing on home website,

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