Friday, November 11, 2016

Product Review: Daphne's Headcovers

“Lions and tigers and bears (oh my)” gained fame in the Wizard of Oz as Dorothy strolled down the Yellow Brick Road. A tense moment in that cinematic classic, for sure, but Daphne’s Headcovers takes the stress out of these animals and puts them safely in your golf bag.

The aforementioned animals are part of the company’s Wildlife collection, but there’s so much more. From Barnyard to Birds, Reptiles/Amphibians to Sea, Cats and Dogs ... there’s something for every golfer.

As you may expect, the largest Daphne’s collection is Dogs. Not surprising based upon America's love for our K-9 family members. This is chock-full of the who’s who at the Westminster Dog Show ... Black and Yellow Labs, Boston Terriers, Bulldogs, Pugs, St. Bernards, Weimaraners, Yorkshire Terriers, and more!

My favorite category, however, is “Just For Fun.” Want a Dragon, Leprechaun, Ninja, Pirate or Sasquatch? This is where you’ll find them.

Add a Daphne Headcover (or two) to your bag and you’ll be in elite company. Their “Hall of Fame” includes Tiger Woods, Bubba Watson, Ernie Els and more.

Aside from looking great, these headcovers are guaranteed for life. Inside the label is the factory phone number. If there’s a problem, they’ll fix it.

I generally try to find an opposing side or potential negative to any product we review, but struggle doing that with these headcovers. I suppose you could consider the cost (approximately $30), but these are high-quality and worth every penny when looking at comparable products.

Beyond that, think about what you paid for that fancy new driver from Ping or TaylorMade. The headcover that comes with it is an invitation for someone who might want to steal it from your bag. Slap a Schnauzer on there and you’re the only one who knows what treasure is being hidden.

Note to Santa: Whether shopping for a headcover for yourself or someone on your holiday list, you’re not going to do better than Daphne’s Headcovers.

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