Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Bushnell Golf Unveils the New Tour V5, Tour V5 Shift

Upgrade Your Game with BITE

(Overland Park, Kan.) – Bushnell Outdoor Products, makers of the #1 laser rangefinder on the PGA Tour, today unveiled the latest additions to their innovative lineup – the Tour V5 and Tour V5 Shift. The new Tour V5 models continue Bushnell’s tradition of setting new standards in the industry through constant innovation and incorporation of leading technologies. Molded with the perfect combination of size, speed, accuracy and Visual JOLT, the Tour V5 rangefinders are designed to create confidence for every shot needed on the course.

“Golfers look to us to provide the most accurate distance readings on the course to perform at their highest level,” said Derek Schuman, Senior Brand Manager at Bushnell Golf. “We are constantly innovating and developing new technologies, and with the addition of our BITE magnetic cart mount, Visual JOLT and our updated slope algorithm in the Tour V5 Shift, we continue to provide golfers the products they need to increase their confidence and play better golf.”

The new Tour V5 rangefinders feature the introduction of “BITE” technology. The BITE magnetic mount allows the laser rangefinder to be secured to the golf cart without the need for any aftermarket accessories. With 7lbs. of pull strength, golfers can be assured their rangefinder will stay put.

JOLT has been taken to the next level with the all new PinSeeker with Visual JOLT Technology.  A red ring now flashes as JOLT vibrates to give the golfer even greater feedback and confidence to know they have locked onto the flag.

Tour V5 Shift/Tour V5 Features:
- New, improved slope algorithm (Tour V5 Shift only)
- Slope-Switch Technlology (Tour V5 Shift only)
- PinSeeker with Visual JOLT Technology
- Built-in BITE Magnetic Cart Mount
- Accurate to within one yard
- 5-1,300-yard range performance (400+ yards to a flag)
- 6x magnification (objects appear 6x closer)
- Bright, clear optics (2x brighter than previous generation)
- Fast Focus System
- Rain proof
- Premium carry case and three-volt battery included
- Industry-leading two-year warranty

The Tour V5 and Tour V5 Shift will be available at retailer’s nationwide beginning in late-March. Retail price for the Tour V5 is $299.99, Tour V5 Shift is $399.99.

For more information on the Bushnell Golf family of rangefinders, visit the company’s website at www.bushnellgolf.com.

Bushnell Golf Introduces Wingman GPS Speaker

All-In-One Device Gives Golfers Access to Their Favorite Music, While Still Providing Them Audible Distance Information on the Course

(Overland Park, Kan.) – Bushnell Outdoor Products, makers of the #1 laser rangefinder on the PGA Tour, today unveiled a first-to-market product – the Wingman GPS Speaker. With a combination of GPS and Bluetooth technologies, the Wingman provides players audible front, center and back distances, all while listening to the music of their choice through mobile applications. The Wingman GPS Speaker continues Bushnell’s ongoing commitment of providing golfers with innovative products using advanced technologies.

“Golfers are always looking for a competitive edge, while still trying to have fun. We are excited to introduce a product that will allow them to enjoy themselves on the course, while providing them with the functions of a distance measuring device,” said William Flood, Bushnell Golf Product Manager. “With its ability to play music and provide the GPS data golfers rely on, the Wingman GPS Speaker is unlike any other product in the industry, and we are thrilled to add it to the Bushnell Golf family.”

How it works:
- Pair the Wingman with your music source and Bushnell Golf App
- Press remote button to get audible GPS distances from your Bushnell Golf App

The Wingman GPS Speaker will change the way players take on the course by bringing an entirely new atmosphere to the game. With premium sound quality paired with front, center, and back distances with customizable settings for game play, the Wingman is the perfect all-in-one accessory for the golf course. Additionally, the speaker comes standard with Bushnell’s Magnetic BITE technology. The BITE magnetic mount allows the speaker to be secured to any golf cart without the need for an aftermarket accessory.

Wingman GPS Speaker Features:
- Audible GPS distances and music through mobile applications
- Premium audio quality
- Front center and back distances – with customizable settings for your game play
- Integrated BITE magnetic cart mount
- Auto hole advance
- 10+ hour battery life
- Charge other devices from speaker

The Wingman GPS Speaker will be available at Bushnell retailers nationwide beginning in April.  Retail price for the Wingman GPS Speaker is $149.99.

For more information on the Bushnell Golf family of rangefinders, visit the company’s website at www.bushnellgolf.com.

Titleist Introduces New Vokey Design SM8 Wedges – One Giant Shift Forward in Wedge Performance

Breakthrough CG Design Takes Performance of #1 Wedge in Golf to New Heights

(FAIRHAVEN, Mass.) – Master Craftsman Bob Vokey’s relentless mission to design and craft better performing, better feeling wedges has reached a new height of innovation with the introduction of his Vokey Design SM8 models, the most accurate and forgiving Vokey wedges yet.

The groundbreaking Progressive Center of Gravity (CG) design concept that originated with Vokey Design SM6, and was refined with SM7, has experienced one giant shift forward in the new SM8. By moving the CG forward, to a position that actually hovers in front of the wedge face, Vokey and his R&D team have produced a wedge that wants to square every time. The result is improved distance and trajectory control, better feel and increased stability for more consistent results.

These advancements – enhanced by Bob’s six tour-proven sole grinds for precision fitting, and 100% inspected Spin Milled grooves for maximum spin – have already made Vokey SM8 the most played wedge model on the PGA Tour, continuing Vokey’s historic run as the #1 wedge on tour since 2004 and counting.

In golf shops beginning March 6, Vokey SM8 wedges are available in four finishes – Tour Chrome, Brushed Steel and Jet Black, plus the tour-preferred Raw finish (custom order only).


Great wedge play comes from distance control, shot versatility and spin. Bob Vokey and team have designed SM8 to improve performance in all three areas through the following key innovations:
• Reimagined Progressive CG: Vokey’s Progressive CG design philosophy aligns the center of gravity with the impact position – lower in the low lofts, higher in the high lofts – for better trajectory and distance control. SM8 takes the next innovative leap, pushing the CG forward while maintaining the vertical CG position to create a more consistent, better-feeling strike. To achieve this, Voke’s team lengthened the hosels and counterbalanced that weight with high-density tungsten low in the toe. This high, forward CG position boosts MOI (up to a +7% increase in the higher lofts) producing a more solid feel, improved ball flight and a club face that simply wants to square up at impact for more consistent results.

“When Kevin Tassistro (Director of Wedge R&D) brings me new prototypes, he knows I won’t have feedback until I’ve watched tour players hit them,” Vokey said. “The proof is in their results and their reactions. That’s been my validation process from day one.”

“The first time I had guys hit SM8 was on the range at Riviera,” Vokey said. “I always listen to the sound they’re making at impact, and it was phenomenal. ‘Solid but soft’ was how they described it. They loved it. That means they’re getting the proper feedback that you need to execute every type of wedge shot, whether you’re in the fairway, in a bunker or around the green. They also talked a lot about the flight. It’s in a better window, it’s more consistent, and they have more control of it. Overall, guys just kept telling me how easy it was to hit every type of shot they wanted to hit. They just felt like they were getting more of out of the wedge – and that’s because Kevin and his team were able to push that CG forward out in front of the face, to a place we never would have imagined 20 years ago.”

Refined Sole Grind Options: Developed through decades of work with the best shot makers in the game, Vokey’s six Tour-proven sole grinds – F, S, M, K, L and D – allow golfers of all skill levels to be precisely fit for their swing type (steep, neutral, shallow), shot making style and course conditions (firm, neutral, soft). SM8 continues to feature the most complete lineup of grind, bounce and loft options, allowing for more creativity and consistency, and giving players of any level the ability to create multiple shots around the green.
 - One of Vokey’s preferred setups is pairing a higher bounce sand wedge (i.e. SM8 56.14 F) with a lower bounce lob wedge (i.e. SM8 60.08 M). This type of setup – which empowers a player to adjust to firm or soft conditions from the turf or in a bunker without having to change technique – is utilized by both Jordan Spieth (56.10 S and 60.04 L) and Justin Thomas (56.14 F, 60.06 K). Based on this insight, and current PGA Tour tends, the D Grind has been extended to the 54.12 and 56.12 SM8 models, providing players with versatile mid to high bounce sand wedge options.
 - To learn more about each Vokey grind and view the full SM8 matrix, click here.

100% Inspected Spin Milled Grooves: SM8’s patented Spin Milled grooves are meticulously engineered and cut to the edge to maximize spin and shot control. The Vokey R&D team continues to improve upon its industry-leading groove cutting tolerances, with each groove on every head individually cut and 100% inspected for conformity to the rules of golf. Micro-grooves are individually cut in between grooves, which maximize spin on partial shots. A proprietary heat treatment is applied to the impact area to double the durability of the groove without impacting feel – making it the most durable groove in golf.


The Vokey Wedge Selector tool on Vokey.com helps golfers select the proper loft, bounce and grind options for their swing and course conditions. Vokey recommends that golfers visit their local Titleist fitter to confirm the results. LINK: https://www.vokey.com/tools/wedge-selector-tool.aspx.


SM8 wedges made their PGA Tour debut in late November at the RSM Classic. More than 100 SM8 wedges were immediately put into play by 37 players, including the eventual champion, Tyler Duncan (54.08 M, 58.04 L). Just two events later at the Sony Open, the first full-field event of 2020, a total of 167 SM8 models were in the bags of 60 players, supplanting Vokey’s prior generation SM7 models as the #1 wedge on the PGA Tour. The winner, Cameron Smith, had four Jet Black SM8’s (46.10 F, 52.08 F, 56.08 M, 60.10 S) in play. New SM8 wedges (54.10 S, 60.12 D) were also in the champion’s bag the following week at The American Express.

Additionally, Vokey SM8 wedges became the #1 wedge on the European Tour the first week they were available at last week’s Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship. Ian Poulter, Rafa Cabrera Bello and Bernd Wiesberger were among those with new SM8’s in play.

The rapid conversion was foreshadowed last February at the Genesis Open, when Vokey tested unmarked nearly-final SM8 prototypes with eight players on the range at Riviera, including Max Homa, J.T. Poston and Jimmy Walker. All eight players asked him when they could put them into play.

In late December, Adam Scott won the Australian PGA Championship with four new models in the bag (48.10 F, 52.12 F, 56.10 S, 60.06 K). Scott was also one of four players on the International Presidents Cup team to game SM8’s, in addition to Smith, Sung-Jae Im and Ben An.

In total, more than 200 players have already made the switch to SM8, as the tour seeding and validation process continues around the world.


Golfers can choose from four different finishes available in SM8. The new Tour Chrome features a softer chrome finish than the prior generation. The darker Brushed Steel is more textured and dynamic than the polished SM7, while maintaining a non-glare finish in the playing position. The raw Jet Blackis enhanced with black paint fill in the logos and graphics. Raw – the most popular option among tour players, in which no additional finish applied to the 8620 carbon steel – is available through custom order. All four finishes are available through Vokey.com.


SM8 wedges feature a more modern, clean look, which also provides a canvas for customization. Inpsired by Aaron Dill, Vokey’s trusted PGA Tour player rep (@VokeyWedgeRep), the WedgeWorks custom options are expanded to include:
• Six unique toe engravings;
• Expanded stamping options, including 10-character Straight/Freestyle stamping, 15 characters around the toe, and two lines of 10 characters each; and
• Custom paint-filled Loft, Bounce and Grind markings and BV Wings logo.

SM8 wedges can also be custom ordered with an industry-leading selection of shafts, grips, shaft bands and ferrules. For a complete list of options, visit Vokey.com.


• Stock shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold S200
• Stock Grip: Tour Velvet 360 White


The new Vokey Design SM8 wedges are available for pre-order in golf shops worldwide and through Vokey.com beginning Feb. 11. They arrive in shops March 6. MAP $159.

Monday, January 20, 2020

Sacks Parente Golf Introduces Series 66 Cavity Back Blade Putting Instrument

(CAMARILLO, CA) — Sacks Parente Golf Company, builders of exceptional putters that defy convention, announces the introduction of its innovative new Series 66 putting instrument. The new Series 66 Cavity Back Blade is a major step forward in putter design. While the 66 possesses one of the most iconic putter shapes of the 20th and 21st centuries, any resemblance of the past stops there.

“The Series 66 putting instrument is simply the most forgiving and accurate ever made,” said Rich Parente, Co-Founder of Sacks Parente Golf.

The Series 66 head is a marvel of engineering, featuring a unique 5-piece Al-Cu-W TRIMETAL design that achieves an incredibly high weight-forward MOI of almost 5000, where over 80% of the overall head weight is located in the heel and toe of the putter. No other putter has ever redistributed this much weight. This weight-forward design, which puts the center of gravity in alignment with the hosel, is immensely stabile and eliminates gear effect on off-center hits.

“The basic cavity back blade is such an iconic shape,” said Steve Sacks, Co-Founder of Sacks Parente Golf. “Everybody makes one, but no one makes one that has a high MOI or is very forgiving. Rich Parente and I have dramatically changed that. Our MOI numbers are extremely high, and you can immediately see and feel that when you putt with it. I guarantee it’s not like anything else you’ve ever putted with.”

As with all Sacks Parente Putting Instruments, the Series 66 incorporates the company’s patented Ultra Low Balance Point (ULBP) technology, defined as a balance point of less than 5 inches from the putter sole, which naturally squares and releases the putter head at impact. This technology incorporates featherweight grips at approximately 33 grams, and graphite or carbon fiber shafts at less than 1 gram per inch. The result is up to 2 times better feel and more control than any putter with a conventional steel shaft.

This design and Al-Cu-W TRIMETAL technology has been tested and played on the Champions Tour for the past 8 months. Since putting the Sacks Parente prototype Series 66 putter in play in April of 2019, PGA Professional, Ken Duke has moved from 80th position to 3rd in overall putting statistics.

The Series 66 is available with a choice of three ultra-lightweight shaft options: Graphite Fiber, Tour Carbon with Toray T1100G Fiber, and Tour X Carbon with Toray M40X Fiber; three grips styles: flat, round and pistol; and five lengths: 33”, 33.5” 34”, 34.5” and 35”.

For more information about Sacks Parente, visit www.sacksparente.com.

Evnroll Appoints Dynamic Brands as Distributor for U.S. Market

(CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA) — Evnroll, the award-winning putter line featuring designer Guerin Rife’s patented ‘Sweet Face’ Technology, is delighted to announce the appointment of Dynamic Brands as their distributor for the U.S. market.

The agreement, effective from January 2020, will see Dynamic Brands spearhead both on- and off-course sales for the Evnroll putter brand across North America.

“We’re excited to reach an agreement with Dynamic Brands to distribute our products,” said Stephen Riley, President of Evnroll Putters. “We’ve had some incredible momentum with Evnroll up to now with the brand sold in over 28 countries worldwide. To now have an organization with the expertise and pedigree of Dynamic Brands carry our product line in the domestic market for 2020 will take things to a whole new level.”

Established in 2004 and based in Richmond, VA, Dynamic Brands is the parent company for a portfolio of premium brands in the golf industry and has a track-record of delivering innovative, high-quality products with outstanding customer service.

“We’re excited to add Evnroll to our portfolio of premium brands we supply to the U.S. golf market,” said Craig Ramsbottom, President at Dynamic Brands. “We are greatly impressed by the technology and performance of the putters, as well as the innovative Gravity Grip, and we look forward to our sales team getting started.”

Dynamic brands will exhibit Evnroll putters at the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando in booth #3343. The show, the major of the golf business, takes place at Orange County Convention Center from 22-24 January. Evnroll Putters first came to the golfing world’s attention in 2015 with a range of stunning 100% milled putters featuring designer Guerin Rife’s ground-breaking, patented “Sweet Face” Technology. The innovative and unique groove technology is engineered to deliver uniform performance across the entire hitting area of the putter face for unprecedented accuracy and zero dispersion. Since then the brand has won multiple-awards internationally for its game changing technology including being the first company to win MyGolfSpy’s ‘Most Wanted blade and mallet’ back-to-back.  

For more information on Evnroll putters, visit www.evnroll.com and to contact Dynamic Brands call 800.955.2269 or visit www.dynamicbrands.com.

Volvik to Exhibit New Products at 2020 PGA Merchandise Show

(ORLANDO, Florida) – Volvik (volvik.com), known the world over for the outstanding performance characteristics and vibrant color options of its golf balls, will exhibit its new lines of golf balls at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show, in booth #1017, in Orlando, Fla., Jan. 22-24. The featured new Volvik products for 2020 include the 2020 XT Soft, the 2020 XT AMT and the 2020 VIVID.

“We look forward to exhibiting these exciting, high-performance golf balls to attendees at this year’s PGA Merchandise Show,” said Don Shin, president of Volvik USA. “They represent the latest in research and technology, and we know they will be very well received by golfers across the entire playing-ability spectrum.”

The Volvik 2020 XT Soft golf balls feature a three-piece glossy cover and are available in white and yellow. The Volvik 2020 XT AMT balls, with a three-piece matte finish, come in green, red, yellow and orange. The Volvik 2020  VIVID balls, also with a three-piece matte finish, are available in this array of colors: green, red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, purple and white.

In addition to the presentation of its new golf ball lines, Volvik also will feature at its booth some prominent World Long Drive players as well as some LPGA Tour players, who will be signing on with Volvik as they seek to forge successful professional playing careers. PGA Merchandise Show attendees are invited to visit the Volvik booth to see the new lines and meet the Volvik players.

For information, see volvik.com.

ParForm Golf introduces CBD products designed exclusively for golfers at PGA Merchandise Show

(EAGLE, ID) - ParForm, the leader in golf specific training and nutrition, announced today that they will be introducing their new CBD Tinctures, CBD Gum and CBD Topical Salve designed exclusively for golfers in BOOTH #1495 at the 2020 PGA Merchandise Show, January 22-24th in Orlando, Florida.

Parform has been developed exclusively for golfers. Whether you are an amateur or professional, ParForm has everything you need to fuel your body for performance on and off the course.

"Everything we do helps golfers succeed," said Jeremy DeLuca, Founder of ParForm Golf. "We aren't just another supplement company. We are experienced health advocates, fitness fanatics, and nutrition experts - with a huge passion for the game of golf. Our golf-specific products and nutrition programs will help you improve muscle tone and endurance, increase stamina, stability, and flexibility, and enhance your overall fitness levels."

CBD Tinctures

Need to calm your nerves and reduce anxiety before teeing off or coming down the stretch in the final round of your club championship? Now with Parform's new CBD Tinctures, it's as easy as teeing up the ball. Our 30ml bottles of CBD 750mg and CBD 1500mg tinctures can help take care of the nagging issues that are hindering the enjoyment that should be felt while sitting perfectly in the middle of the fairway after that great drive!

CBD Chewing Gum

Parform's CBD Gum is a formulated CBD-Infused Hemp Oil Chewing Gum available in either a great Peppermint or Spearmint flavor. CBD gum is an extremely effective way to deliver CBD oil into the body. The body absorbs functional actives through the oral mucosa, delivering benefits nearly 5x faster. Our gum offers a simple and effective alternative to other CBD dosage forms, without the difficulty and discomfort of swallowing pills, capsules or liquids.

CBD Topical Salve

Topicals are applied right to trouble areas so that the CBD oil can work directly where it's needed most. Ingesting CBD products orally can take up to 2 hours or more before those effects are experienced. With Parform Topical CBD, the healing compound and other hemp-derived nutrients are almost immediately absorbed directly through your skin, allowing you to target the affected area for quicker and more focused effects.

Certified CBD From A Trusted Manufacturer With a 3rd Party COA

Golfers are particular about the gear they use and choosing a high-quality recovery option is no different. With Parform CBD, you'll know exactly what you're getting, thanks to the 3rd party certificate of analysis provided with every CBD product they sell, so you know exactly what's inside each CBD item.

Show attendees are encouraged to stop by BOOTH #1495 during the show to view the full line of products designed to optimize your golf game by living the Parform way.

For more information on ParForm Golf visit www.parform.com.