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SQAIRZ ProS2 feature a new lightweight, breathable, 100% waterproof ComfortFlex microfiber upper 

The patented toe box is designed to accommodate the natural spread of the toes as pressure is exerted on the ground. This enables a more comfortable and less restrictive feel of traditional golf shoes

The patented toe box directly translates to improved balance, stability, and energy exchange, showcasing SQAIRZ's commitment to fusing advanced biomechanical insights with performance-enhancing footwear technology.

And it’s not merely a comfort feature; it is a critical component for athletes seeking to optimize their performance metrics, ensuring that every movement is supported by scientifically backed design principles.

Proprietary Sta-Put lacing system has silicone nubs printed on the top of the lace to lock in comfort and performance without ever having to tie the laces again throughout the round. 

Patented AI generated “smart-traction” system. Traction nubs positioned in a rotational pattern at varying heights coupled with strategically placed removable PIVIX fast twist Softspikes. 

More than 290 points of penetrating ground contact for optimal ground force production and unparallelled traction on all terrains.

100% waterproof, lightweight ComfortFlex microfiber upper material.

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PROTOCONCEPT GOLF CO5TP Irons Receive 2024 Golf Digest 'Hot List' Silver Award

The company is honored to tap the Golf Digest “Hot List” for its third consecutive year

(ORANGE COUNTY, CA) – PROTOCONCEPT GOLF, a high-profile luxury Japanese golf club manufacturer, is proud to announce the esteemed panel of Golf Digest’s “Hot List” judges recognized the innovation and technologies that TOUR driven C05TP forged irons possess and awarded them “Best Players – Distance Irons of 2024.”

“We are honored to be included on this highly regarded list. Our team considers the Golf Digest “Hot List” as the foremost guide to golf equipment,” said Yasufumi Kawasaki, Founder of PROTOCONCEPT GOLF.

According to Golf Digest, “Players-Distance irons no longer waffle between blade or cavity back. They are so much more than that. Innovative thinking and smart design have led to shapes that say better player – narrow sole and thin-ish toplines with a look that flows. The technological golf, however, is to help better players retain or extend their yardages.”

The TOUR driven C05TP forged irons were perfectly positioned within the Players-Distance category. They are engineered precisely for the TOUR professional or the better player to produce greater distances with maneuverability, forgiveness, and feeling. A power cavity behind the face combined with a chrome molybdenum steel face insert which varies in thickness, provides the ideal trajectory, and caught the attention of the judges.

“I can feel the power and stability in this club. Pleasantly surprised how the ball comes off the face. Shots get up quick and maintain a high ball flight.” Alejandra, 25, Handicap 5

“I like the clean topline and compact head. Muted sound off the face and feels soft and velvety at impact. Low-spin trajectory that keeps flying after reaching its apex.” Wei, 53, Handicap 13

“Looks unassuming but is a performer. It makes a pleasing snappy sound as it penetrates the turf and has a feel to match. Forgiveness is apparent on misses. Tight shot dispersion.” Ryan, 48, Handicap 10

“In addition to obtaining great testimonials, and the respected “Hot List” silver award, the CO5TP forged irons received a TOP-5 for the best looking – players irons and TOP-5 for the highest flying - players irons, for low handicaps,” said Marcy Kamoda, CEO of PROTOCONCEPT GOLF.

The C05TP forged irons are offered 4-PW or GAP and can be purchased individually. These 2024 Golf Digest “Hot List” award-winning irons will be available on May 21st and can be purchased at an exclusive PROTOCONCEPT GOLF dealer.

PROTOCONCEPT GOLF produces golf equipment that feature classic, artistic, and timeless designs which feature premium materials and are finished with the highest level of craftsmanship possible. Their TOUR inspired line of golf equipment helps golfers to improve at any level.

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Thursday, February 22, 2024

College Golf Experience Continues Growth

Golf camp company to work with 400 to 500 college coaches and manage 125 to 150 events in 4 to 6 countries in 2024

(LOS ANGELES, CA) – College Golf Experience (CGX), the leading competitive junior golf camp company connecting juniors and families with college coaches, marked several milestones in 2023 and is preparing for a ramped-up schedule of camps in 2024 including events at four to six international locations. In 2023, in just its second year of operation, CGX saw 90 percent year-over-year growth in number of events and 140 percent year-over-year growth in number of attendees and coach participation through its various camps conducted across the country.

Last year, CGX welcomed more than 1,500 competitive junior golfers and their parents, and 185 coaches from Division I, II, III, and NAIA colleges and universities, with participants from 40 states and four countries. CGX camps have created a platform for coaches to educate parents on life as a college golfer, the recruiting process, and how to find their program fit.

CGX’s three camp products: Exposure Camps, Tournament Preview Camps, and Prospect Camps all bring a unique value proposition to competitive players, parents, and coaches.

In partnership with 15 junior golf tours and events, CGX will establish 40 to 50 Tournament Preview Camps in 2024. These camps, held the day before junior golf tournaments, help players improve their tournament preparation, performance, and course management and strategy while playing their practice round with college coaches. These camps also help players improve by building confidence in front of coaches, who help them learn how to hit different shots under pressure and under a variety of on-course situations. College coaches say the biggest area for improvement in a player’s game is course management and strategy.  The engagement and exchange of information both on and off the course is second to none in that department.

Junior golfer Michael Tyler Polca describes his Tournament Preview Camp experience:

“I definitely think this camp gives me a competitive edge in tournaments. Having the coaches there with you on the golf course during a practice round, not to critique you but to help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, helps you learn how to manage the course bringing out your best opportunity for a high result.”

In 2023, more than 60 percent of Prospect Camps had a player sign with that program. Prospect Camps, which connect small groups of players (12 to 16) and parents with a single program, provide a glimpse into what college golf at that institution is all about and include a campus tour with college coaches, experiencing a team’s practice facility, and college golf and recruiting seminars. CGX will manage 70 to 80 Prospect Camps in 2024.

Exposure Camps, two-day events with six to 12 coaches, educate families about college golf, the recruiting process and where to start the process of finding a fit in college golf. They include 36 holes of golf with coaches along with a college golf practice session. Exposure Camps bring coaches together in a specific geographic region, conference, division, or ranking. Examples include: CGX Top25 Camps, Ivy Golf Institute Camps, DIII Camps, West Coast Camps, and beginning in 2024, International Camps with CGX’s first international camp scheduled this summer in London from July 17-18 just following the European Team Championships. CGX will expand to four other countries in 2024 and is in exploratory talks to host camps in New Zealand, China, Mexico, Canada and Colombia.

“Being able to talk to the coaches, have them interact with you and your child, and the information that you get from a panel of coaches is just super valuable,” said a mother of a recent camp attendee. “Going through this process, there’s nobody to guide you. To have access to the coaches and to hear the information that’s important to them was amazing. One thing that I learned about the recruiting process that I didn’t know was that coaches like to hear from the potential students, not the parents. Students should be emailing the coaches and updating them on their tournaments and just telling them about themselves. I thought that was super valuable.”

Bruce Heppler, Men’s Head Golf Coach at Georgia Tech, says connecting players with highly successful coaches at CGX camps reveals priceless insights, “It might range from learning to take care of your business off the course - handling your academics, keeping a practice journal, or just learning to do laundry before you leave for college - but, as coaches, we embrace being asked 'What can I do now to get myself ready?' because it shows us that person is invested. Kids learn a lot at these camps – how to look at things, how to practice, how to deal with expectations, and how to prepare for college. That’s as valuable as any golf lesson you'll ever get.”

Coaches are just as energized by the momentum of CGX Camps as junior golfers and their parents have become. “Camps are a valuable part of finding your college golf fit,” said University of Maryland Women's Head Golf Coach Kelly Hovland. “You obviously can’t replace competition with just practice in a camp, but it’s a great opportunity for coaches to see players and get to know players in a more intimate setting than just on the golf course. Also, the special thing about camps is they merge both of those things, so we can actually work together on the golf course, see what they’re doing technically and mechanically. They we also get to know them personally and integrate both of those in a more competitive setting. I would encourage juniors to set their tournament and camp calendars early to supplement the tournament schedule to find the camps that are going to not only help you with skill development, but that also help you inform you with recruiting education.”

Watch the VIDEO with coaches testimonials:

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G-TRAK Retractable Sports Screen is a Game Changer For Any Garage

Lightweight, remote control screen creates indoor training solution for tight spaces

(SHOREWOOD, Illinois) – G-TRAK, creators of a breakthrough family of in-home sport screens and nets, proudly launches the G-TRAK Impact Screen, a retractable screen that brings affordability and accessibility to multi-use spaces like never before.

The practical, space-saving and storable design of the G-TRAK Retractable Impact Screen and the G-TRAK Retractable Net makes the dream of owning an in-home golf simulator, multi-sport training screen, or even a home theatre screen within reach of many more consumers. Traditional issues like lack of space or the cost of high-end simulator builds are solved with G-TRAK’s new products and were created by a very common need that G-TRAK Founder and Inventor Aaron Holden found a way to solve and, eventually, bring to market.


Holden had a new set of golf clubs in his hands, but he couldn’t do anything with them. It was Christmas 2018, and the Illinois native was frustrated that he didn’t have a place to put his new gifts to good use. It was simply too cold outside.

He took a couple practice swings in his living room with a 6-iron, but wife Hillary wasn’t too pleased, telling him to head to the garage, where he could do all the damage he wished. Four months later, the first version of G-TRAK was created, which now, is available for purchase on the consumer market.

“I was in there swinging toward the garage door and I scuffed my clubs on the concrete,” Holden said. “That just wasn’t going to work. I went online and couldn’t find anything that I was looking for. I figured out that I could hang up a net and buy a turf golf mat. I already had a bucket of balls. It was great, but I had to get up on my ladder and hook it up every time I wanted to use it.”

A few months later, in April 2019, Holden and his wife were on their back porch having morning coffee when Holden noticed that a neighbor was washing his awning so that he could use it for the summer. The neighbor used a remote control to put the awning up and down. Holden knew that creating something similar was the missing piece to his new invention.

The final product is lightweight and engineered with industrial strength, commercial grade steel and aluminum that is easy to assemble and can be used for multiple sports. G-TRAK’s patented brackets mount into place around garage door tracks without impeding the door’s functionality. Then by the simple push of a remote control the G-TRAK screen extends to the ground for immediate use. When done, push the button again and the screen retracts out of the way. The whole process takes only a few minutes.


The G-TRAK is designed for single and double car garages from 8 to 18-feet wide, but can also be mounted on a wall for use in a home, office or business. While it was originally designed to solve Holden’s golf addiction, the screen can also be used for other sports including baseball, softball, soccer and hockey. It is compatible with all accompanying launch monitors, simulators, and projectors.

G-TRAK is available as a retractable screen in multiple sizes from 8’ x 7’ and up to 16’ x 14’. Pricing ranges from $1,999.99 to $2,999.99 depending on the size. The G-TRAK retractable net can be purchased for $1,849.99 and is currently available in one size at 16’ x 10’. Accessories like sport-specific targets can be easily added to the screen and net and a wall mount kit is also available for purchase.  

“I started to hit golf balls into it in the winter, but it quickly turned into something that everyone in the neighborhood wanted to use,” Holden said. “I never thought of it that way. Kids were wanting to hit shots into it for hockey and others were kicking soccer balls. All the coaches and dads wanted it for their various sports so their kids could continue to practice when it’s cold outside. It’s been great.

“We have something that’s for everybody and it’s affordable. We’re excited to get it into people’s hands.”

The First Tee of Mexico Credits Its Continued Growth to Strategic Alliances

Director of The First Tee México Agustin (Augie) Pizá has established relationships with private golf courses, schools, resorts, companies, and organizations which includes the PGA TOUR’s México Open to support the growing non-profit

(SAN DIEGO, CA) – Pizá Golf, internationally recognized as one of the most innovative golf course design firms, announced earlier today that ever-growing The First Tee México chapter will participate in the upcoming PGA TOUR’s México Open at Vidanta festivities.

“We’re thrilled that our members will experience golf on such a big stage and to meet some of the greatest players in the world,” said Pizá. “This special day and event were launched in 2017 during the WGC Mexico Championship where golfing legends like Jordan Speith, Henrik Stenson, and Dustin Johnson spent quality time with our members. We are all excited to see who volunteers this year.”

Prior to the start of the Mexico Open golf tournament on Tuesday, February 20th, fifty less fortunate young kids and their parents will celebrate The First Tee México Day. They will participate in a golf clinic hosted by two professional players.

“We sincerely thank the PGA TOUR and the México Open for this opportunity. It means the world to these children and their families. We also invite all Mexico Open visitors next week to join this wonderful program to enrich and influence future generations of children through golf as the future of our country.”

Through Pizá and his efforts The First Tee México, has ten chapters at prestigious golf courses which include Marina and Vista Vallarta, Diamante Cabo San Lucas, Puerta Cortés, Palma Real Ixtapa, Las Maravillas, El Copal, and others. Currently, there are 450 children nationwide playing golf free of charge with a 100% scholarship.

“We’re so proud of what The First Tee México has accomplished. In six short years we have six alumni working as assistant instructors at the Las Maravillas golf school, one is working as a general maintenance assistant at the Marina Vallarta Golf Course, and another built his own mini course at home to practice more often.”

These cases motivate The First Tee México us to reach more places in Mexico. The non-profit thanks Mr. Benjamín Salinas Sada, The México Open, Grupo Salinas, and the PGA TOUR for the opportunity to bring golf into the lives of less privileged Mexican children.

For more information, visit For more information on Pizá Golf, visit the company website:

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Unique Qualifying Event Offers Spot in Inaugural Myrtle Beach Classic

“The Q at Myrtle Beach” to feature 16 players – including the game’s most prominent golf content creators – with chance to compete in PGA TOUR event

(MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.) – As the PGA TOUR comes to The Golf Capital of the World for the first time with the debut of the Myrtle Beach Classic, the tournament will feature a one-of-a-kind qualifying tournament with the winner receiving a sponsor exemption into the TOUR event.

Golf Tourism Solutions (GTS) and Visit Myrtle Beach will host “The Q at Myrtle Beach,” a 16-player, 18-hole shootout on March 4 at TPC Myrtle Beach with the winner receiving a coveted spot in the official PGA TOUR event contested at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club, May 6-12. The field includes 16 players – many with ties to the state of South Carolina – highlighted by eight of the game’s most prominent golf content creators. All professional and amateur competitors meet PGA TOUR Tournament Regulations for sponsor exemptions, requiring a USGA handicap of 0.0 or better, and are eligible for PGA TOUR competition should they qualify. 

While “The Q at Myrtle Beach” will be closed to the public, a 90-minute video will be released on Play Golf Myrtle Beach’s YouTube page on April 23, and the creators will post content on their respective channels documenting their experiences.

"Fueled by our love of golf and belief in the magic of a Myrtle Beach golf experience, GTS is thrilled to host ‘The Q at Myrtle Beach’ and welcome the players to The Golf Capital of the World," said Ryan Cannon, executive director of GTS.

Since 1990, 12 players have won on the PGA TOUR playing on a sponsor exemption. Most recently, University of Alabama sophomore Nick Dunlap won the 2024 American Express on a sponsor exemption and has since turned professional and accepted TOUR membership. 

See below for the 16-player field (alphabetical):

Matt Atkins – The USC Aiken alum played six seasons on the Korn Ferry Tour where he won the 2017 Mexico Championship. Among his 25 PGA TOUR starts, Atkins finished T38 at The RSM Classic in November 2023.

George Bryan – The three-time All-American at the University of South Carolina made the cut in his lone PGA TOUR start at the 2023 Bermuda Championship. Bryan has more than 410,000 total subscribers and followers on YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok.

Jay Card III – The High Point University alum has made 39 starts on the Korn Ferry Tour and has three top-10s, most recently at the 2023 Wichita Open (T7).

Morgan Deneen – The former Coastal Carolina University star and 2018 Sun Belt Champion is the assistant pro at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club and has made three PGA TOUR starts, most recently the 2023 Fortinet Championship.

Peter Finch – Based out of the UK, has more than 1.25 million subscribers and followers on YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok and X. 

Grant Horvat – Played collegiately at Palm Beach Atlantic University and has more than 1.35 million combined subscribers and followers on YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok. 

Luke Kwon – Member of Good Good Golf, the University of Oklahoma alum has made over 50 starts across PGA TOUR-sanctioned Tours and has one win on PGA TOUR China. Kwon has nearly 400,000 combined subscribers and followers on YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok. Good Good Golf has more than 1.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Micah Morris – The Texas native made one PGA TOUR Canada start in 2023 and features more than 1 million subscribers and followers on YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok. 

Turk Pettit – The 2021 NCAA Division I Men’s Golf Individual Champion played college golf at Clemson.

Dan Rapaport – Member of ForePlay and Barstool Sports, he is known as one of the game’s best playing golf media members. The Northwestern alum was featured extensively in Netflix’s “Full Swing,” and has more than 250,000 combined subscribers and followers on X, Instagram and Tik Tok. 

Scott Stevens – The University of South Carolina alum recorded one victory and three additional top-10s on PGA TOUR Canada in 2022 and made 21 Korn Ferry Tour starts in 2023. 

Nick Stubbe (Fat Perez) – Known as Fat Perez, Nick Stubbe is a member of the iconic group Bob Does Sports. Fat Perez features more than 1 million combined subscribers and followers on YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok. 

Tyler Watts – The high school sophomore from Huntsville, Alabama won the Jones Cup Junior Invitational in December 2023.

Jamie Wilson – A former All-SEC golfer at the University of South Carolina, Wilson has made two starts on the Korn Ferry Tour.

Mason Nut or Cole Lantz of BustaJack – The BustaJack duo will compete in a playoff match to determine who earns a spot in The Q at Myrtle Beach. They have more than 350,000 combined subscribers and followers on YouTube, Instagram and Tik Tok. 

The final spot in the field will go to a Myrtle Beach-area PGA professional who earns their spot via a local qualifier on February 19.

TPC Myrtle Beach, a Tom Fazio-Lanny Wadkins design, has been ranked among America’s top 100 public courses and has long been one of the area’s premier big event venues. The course hosted the PGA TOUR Champions' 2000 Charles Schwab Cup Championship and the NCAA Division I Myrtle Beach Regional tournament in 2019, among other high-level events.

The Myrtle Beach Classic will be played May 6-12, 2024, at the Dunes Golf and Beach Club. The tournament will feature a purse of $3.9 million with 300 FedExCup points awarded to the champion. 

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

SkyCaddie Introduces New PRO 5X Tour Book GPS with Laser Accuracy

— SkyGolf, maker of SkyCaddie, the most-trusted rangefinders in golf, announces the new SkyCaddie PRO 5X rangefinder is now available to order. The PRO 5X heralds a new era of GPS rangefinders with both the advantages of a Tour yardage book and the accuracy of a laser, but much faster to save strokes and lower scores.

Faster and more powerful than any SkyCaddie in history, now with laser accuracy to meet the demands of professional golfers and recreational golfers who recognize the importance of having the right distance.

It is the complete full-color, high-definition, Professional Tour Book, with a host of exclusive SkyCaddie gameplay enhancements such as IntelliPath and IntelliGreen Pro – delivered with even greater speed than SkyCaddie’s most powerful previous model.

The PRO 5X was one of the star attractions at SkyCaddie’s 2024 PGA Show booth, in Orlando, FL, and is the first of a new series of PRO X rangefinders to come from the brand.

The ultra-quick new multi-core processor in the PRO 5X powers SkyCaddie’s proprietary TruePoint Precision Positioning Technology which features a high-performance new GPS engine which doubles previous standards of error-correction technology to provide unmatched accuracy and reliability in the same category as a laser.

SkyCaddie’s exceptionally detailed ground-verified course maps, which give the brand’s users an exclusive advantage over those with other GPS devices, are more vivid and vibrant than ever before via the PRO 5X’s large 5.5” LCD Color Touch Screen.

Notable exclusive SkyCaddie features such as IntelliGreen Pro and Dynamic HoleVue with IntelliPath, which revolutionize how you play a golf hole, have never looked better or worked faster than with a SkyCaddie PRO 5X.

PRO 5X is sure to be popular with competitors on the Legends Tour, where SkyCaddie is already the official Distance Measuring Device in an official partnership which started in summer 2023.

“75% of the Top 20 on the Legends Tour already use a SkyCaddie, but there’s no question that many will now be upgrading to the new PRO 5X” said Jacqui Surman, SkyGolf Senior VP and COO.

“It gives them absolute trust in their yardages. The PRO 5X will enable them to select clubs and hit shots with more confidence than with any other rangefinder in golf. 

The PRO 5X is also the perfect companion for SkyCaddie’s revolutionary GameTraX 360 System, which will be available in March 2024 to add super-intelligence to every club in your bag.

The SkyCaddie PRO 5X Tour Book GPS rangefinder’s list of features is testament to SkyCaddie’s undiminished focus on providing serious golfers with the best-possible yardage information:

- Golf’s best-ever GPS accuracy is guaranteed by SkyCaddie’s proprietary new TruePoint Precision Positioning Technology – which provides “laser” accuracy for pinpoint yardages, plus the major line-of-sight and instant shot-planning advantages which SkyCaddie GPS has always offered over laser.

- Want to see real speed and power? The PRO 5X has a new ultra-fast multi-core processor which delivers lightning-fast real-time course data and course search times faster than any previous SkyCaddie.

- SkyCaddie’s exclusive professional, tournament-legal features – HoleVue, IntelliPath, IntelliGreen Pro and SkyPins.

- The PRO 5X 5.5” Super-responsive LCD Color Touch Screen is SkyCaddie’s largest and most vivid display with full-colour HD graphics of every hole.

- PRO 5X is preloaded with over 35,000 of SkyGolf's ground-verified, error-corrected maps for unmatched accuracy. Nothing Else Comes Close!

- Cut the Cord! Wi-Fi connectivity streamlines updates and course downloads on demand. No need to connect to a computer.

- Highly water-resistant body contains a high-capacity rechargeable lithium-polymer battery which provides up to 18 hours of continuous use.

- 1-Year prepaid membership card with promotional packs.

For more SkyCaddie PRO 5X information, visit