Wednesday, March 14, 2012

SunSport Optics Introduces New Golf Style

(Castle Rock, Colo.) – SunSport Optics (, maker of innovative eyewear for active athletes, has introduced its newest golf style. A leader in technologically-advanced sunglass designs, SunSport Optics develops affordable eyewear that adds confidence for any golfer who endures bright sunlight and changing weather conditions.

“Our newest golf-specific design offers significant benefits to players,” said Todd Roberson, president of SunSport Optics. “Just as important as your favorite driver is the pair of sunglasses you choose to protect your eyes and help perfect your game, and our newest golf design offers notable advantages.”

The new SunSport Optics super-lightweight golf style features TR90 frame technology, optically-correct decentered lenses, 100% UVA and UVB protection and an adjustable nose piece. The golf-specific design and lens colors offer real comfort to players in any outdoor conditions. And the new design features Evercoat, a treatment unique to SunSport Optics, that makes the lens water repellant, fog resistant and more scratch resistant, and guarantees the visual acuity of the lens for life.


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