Thursday, March 15, 2012

ScoreBand Earns 'Best Product Concept' at 2012 PGA Merchandise Show

(CHARLESTON, S.C.) - Jody Murdough knew there had to be a better way to keep score on the playing field to alleviate friendly disagreements and to help keep players focused on the game.

An avid golfer and tennis player, the budding inventor last year developed concepts for a portable scorekeeping device. The result was ScoreBand, which earned Murdough a United Inventors Association invitation last January to demonstrate the device at the 2012 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando.

The response among the PGA Show attendees was so overwhelming that it helped earn the multi-sport scorekeeping wristband the coveted "Best Product Concept" award.

ScoreBand's innovative four-mode functionality and digital display makes for an exciting new product within the sporting goods market. The 4-in-1-silicone wristband will appeal to a broad variety of sports enthusiasts: ranging from golf to tennis, volleyball to basketball and a wide array of other sports and activities.

ScoreBand is also infused with negative ions for added health benefits including improved balance, coordination, and concentration.

Through the simple touch of a button, ScoreBand interactively maintains hole and round scores for golf; game and set scores for tennis; and scores or statistics for any two-player or team sport. With four different sizes and color options, ScoreBand has a sleek and modern look that is fashionable enough for everyday wear as a timepiece for men and women of all ages.

"ScoreBand's simplicity, its multi-scoring functions, and its popular band colors are what really caught our attention," says UIA Executive Director Mark Reyland. "When you factor in the negative-ion emitting health benefits, you realize that Mr. Murdough, indeed, has done his homework."

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