Thursday, March 29, 2012

GolfTEC’s $99 Swing Evaluation is a Small Price to Pay for Long-Lasting Improvement

Are you willing to invest less than $100 to play better golf ... and not just for a few weeks, but for a lifetime?

(Centennial, Colorado) - Throughout the month of April, GolfTEC—the world leader in golf improvement—is giving everyone a nearly 50% break on a personalized, and computerized, evaluation of their swings. For just $99, golfers of every age, gender, and skill level can take the first step on the path to a better golf swing and a better game.

“The swing evaluation is the first thing we do with every new student,” explains Mike Clinton, COO and co-founder of GolfTEC, which operates more than 150 improvement centers, staffed with more than 500 full-time, certified coaches, in the U.S. and Canada. “It’s the road map that helps both the student and the coach understand the swing flaws—major and minor—that have to be corrected, and the beginning of the plan to fix those flaws for good.”

In Spring—with warm weather and The Masters in the air—people have golf on their minds, making it the perfect time to visit GolfTEC, which has a 95% success rate from its students. The swing evaluation makes sense for good players who want to hone their games or new golfers who want to start playing for the first time.

“Our $99 evaluation deal is great for everyone as they get started with lessons,” Clinton says, adding that it usually costs between $165 and $195, depending on location. “It’s great for the low-handicap golfer who wants to win a club championship or the businesswoman who has never played before but wants to play for work. It’s great for seniors, women, even juniors. Everyone.”

The one-hour evaluation is conducted by one of GolfTEC’s certified coaches, who give, on average, more than 1,400 lessons a year (10 times the national average for teaching professionals). With the help of the company’s proprietary g-SWING system, which combines video and computerized measurement of key body movements, coaches identify areas for improvement in every part of the swing, from set-up to follow-through.

“We get into the nitty-gritty, the problems that lead to major flaws,” says Clinton. “That first hour will include a little bit of instruction so you see how we teach and how the GolfTEC system works. But the real goal is to provide a picture of what’s wrong with your swing and what needs to be improved. Then the coach puts together a personal game plan for your improvement.

“If you’ve ever thought about golf lessons, or ever wondered what’s really going on with your swing, this is your chance to find out. It’s a great experience, a great hour, and a steal at $99.”


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