Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hireko Golf announces launch of new Power Play Caiman X2 Driver

(CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif.) - Hireko Golf announced the arrival of the new Power Play Caiman X2 Driver. The second generation is even more raw and powerful than before.

The new Caiman X2 Driver still has the geometric shape reminiscent of its namesake - an Amazonian Black Caiman or the most feared beast in all of South America. But this new version has a more refined shape by softening the toe area.

What makes the Caiman X2 Driver outperform the original is what you can't see. The designers eliminated approximately 9 grams of weight from the crown using a new manufacturing technique which allows even a greater amount of weight to be shifted lower and deeper farther within the head for an astonishing combination of power and accuracy.

Aerodynamic, geometric and high MOI, the Caiman X2 driver is also smokin' hot with the lustrous black PVD finish to create the ultimate driving machine.

The new Power Play Caiman X2 Driver can be purchased custom assembled online for $109.95 each at www.hirekogolf.com.

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