Friday, March 16, 2012

Brian Manzella Achieves TrackMan University Master Status

TrackMan congratulates PGA of America member and newly appointed TrackMan University Partner, Brian Manzella, on achieving the top distinction within TrackMan University.

Manzella has proven over the years that his understanding of the cause and effect in the golf swing and resulting ball flight is among the best in the industry. His unrelenting drive to uncover the truth surrounding golf’s mysteries has helped move the teaching industry forward by using quantifiable information to prove and disprove many theories.

“Every serious golf instructor should go through TrackMan University. Knowing how the club and ball interacts to produce different ball fights are THE fundamentals to teaching the game,” Manzella remarked.

Manzella’s experience was recently published in the April 2012 issue of GOLF MAGAZINE. The article titled The New Science of Impact acknowledges TrackMan’s impact on golf instruction. “The state-of-the-art technology has not only exposed what’s really going on when your iron or driver makes contact with the ball. It has led to a surprising - check that, game changing – discovery” states the article.

Manzella goes on to show how this “game changing discovery” can be applied to the average Joe’s golf swing to hit the ball straighter.

Another largely successful venture for Manzella is his website, . The site averages over 3 million hits per month and consistently ranks within the top five websites in the world for golf instructors. His free online videos have been viewed more than 400,000 times.

Manzella has been an avid TrackMan owner for several years and has been a leader in applying the data and information within golf instruction.

“There is no doubt that TrackMan helps me improve golfers faster,” Manzella asserted. “TrackMan immediately gives me the information I need to determine if the golfer is making the changes necessary to improve. The student can also see the information and it helps them to understand what we are trying to achieve.”

If you would like to contact Brian Manzella, visit his website at or email directly.


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