Thursday, February 27, 2014

Product Review: Big Balls Golf

When faced with a claustrophobic tee shot, do you still hit your driver? A pond separates you and the green on a reachable Par 5 - go for it instead of laying up? Are you the type of guy who takes the break out of a sidehill slider - electing to ram the putt into the back of the hole?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, Big Balls Golf has the products for you.

Based out of Olympia, Wash., Big Balls Golf was founded in 2009 to create a new trend in the men's golf market by offering different and inspiring products that would appeal to all golfers, at every level - Big Risk. Big Rewards.

Have you ever sat around the 19th hole bragging about the hybrid you hit to find a narrow fairway or laying up to manage par? Probably not. According to its website (, “Big Balls Golf encourages golfers to step out of their comfort zone, go for the unsafe shots and take the chances that make the game memorable. [The] Big Balls Golf mission is to encourage players to reduce their inhibitions and take risks - allowing them to play to their maximum abilities, making the game more fun and competitive than it ever has been.

A little nervous about the impending shot? No worries ... dry your hands with a Big Balls Golf towel ($19.99). Don’t want your playing partners to see the fear in your eyes prior to cutting the corner on that difficult dogleg? Pull down the Big Balls Golf hat ($21.99) a bit lower to hide your feelings. Both come with the unforgettable Big Balls Golf logo ... as do the glove ($14.99), t-shirt ($24.99) and polo ($39.99).

The towel and t-shirt are made from 100% cotton, while the polyester polo features moisture-wicking properties. Like the shirts, the one-size-fits-all hat comes in black or white and the golf glove is polyurethane with a reinforced palm patch for a firm grip.

Knowing big risks often bring big rewards, it makes sense to spend a little time at

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