Wednesday, March 15, 2023

SkyGolf Announces Spring Promotion

Discounts on the Award-Winning SX Series Rangefinders and the LX Series GPS Smart Watches

(RIDGELAND, MS) — SkyGolf, maker of SkyCaddie, the most-trusted rangefinders in golf, is offering a special Spring Promotion of $50 off their award-winning rangefinders, including the SX400 and SX550 handheld models and the stylish LX5 and LX5 with ceramic bezel smart watches. The LX2 smart watch is $20 off the new reduced price of $149.95. The promotion runs from March 20 – April 10, 2023.

“Spring is the perfect time to prepare for the upcoming golf season and to ensure you have the proper gear that will help make your return to the course much more enjoyable,” said Jacqui Surman, SkyGolf Senior VP and COO. “One piece of gear every golfer should have in their bag is a rangefinder, which is why we’re offering a limited time discount on the most powerful rangefinders in golf. Our popular SkyCaddie products will not only improve your accuracy, they will also provide you with detailed, reliable information that will help you have more fun on the course.”

All SkyCaddie rangefinders and smart watches are preloaded with over 35,000 best-in-class courses and feature Wi-Fi connectivity to streamline application updates and getting the latest course updates without connecting to a computer.

The large HD displays of the SX rangefinders, combined with HD quality course graphics, only available from SkyCaddie, provide the best view of the most-reliable information in the game to allow you to play your best golf. Unlike other rangefinders, which rely on satellite imagery that is often outdated and unreliable, only SkyCaddie walks the course to capture accurate and verifiable data to provide you with distances you can trust.

The SX550 and SX400 rangefinders include a host of patented technology and stroke-saving features developed by SkyCaddie to help its customers make better decisions on the golf course such as the new Dynamic HoleVue with IntelliPath Technology that provides the distance to target as well as every other relevant attribute of the course, along and beyond your target line, without aiming a laser.

So, now without wasting time to make multiple measurements, such as with a laser, you get distances instantly to all intervening hazards, end of fairways and other shot saving information in an instant to allow you to play like a pro and make the right club selection.

SkyCaddie’s new and patented Dynamic HoleVue feature rotates the fairway and orients the green from your current position and angle of attack as you move from the tee to the green. Now, you see everything between you and the green instantly without touching a button and get the distances you need to avoid hazards and play your best golf. So, in addition to SkyCaddie’s patented IntelliGreen technology, golfers can now see the entire hole from their point-of-view.

With SkyCaddie’s patented IntelliGreen® technology, the exact shape of the green automatically rotates to match your angle of approach to provide all of the distances you need to hit more greens and avoid 3-putts. This proprietary feature gives you a chance to turn every shot into a scoring opportunity by providing front carry and back distances, depth of green, and distances to any other point on the green — simultaneously.

SkyCaddie PinPoint technology will obsolete lasers by providing the ability to get distances to the pin while getting all the benefits of IntelliGreen. Simply enter pin sheet or zone information into the SkyCaddie SX550 or SX400 to get distances to the hole, front, center and back PLUS the depth and true shape green... AND all of this information is on one screen that changes automatically based on your current position and angle of approach from anywhere on the course…whether you can see the flag or not. With the SX Series, you get more information, from more places, easier and faster and without aiming!

A new Shot Tracking feature allows you to track each shot you play, which clubs you used, how far you hit them, and where you hit them from. In addition, an array of automated features such as Auto-Course Selection, Auto-Hole Advance and Auto-Zoom, make the SX rangefinders basically "touch-free" from the parking lot to the 19th hole.

More features include: IntelliGreen Pro that adds the ability to display major tiers, contours, false fronts, and mounds from your angle of approach to the green on selective courses; Shot Distance Measurement to help track how far the ball goes and help golfers to learn club distances; Target List View to give a quick list of all the targets ahead of on the hole; digital scoring options for Stroke and Stableford with handicapping; and Tee Box Selection, Gender Selection, Dual Green Support with a yards or meters option, Stat Tracking and a North Indicator.

Using the same next generation technology found in the SX family of rangefinders, the SkyCaddie LX2, LX5 and LX5C GPS smart watches include most of the dynamic features that golfers rave about in the SX550 and SX400 handhelds, giving golfers the most accurate information conveniently located on their wrist.

Simple wireless connectivity allows for the collection and storage of critical performance data in the SkyGolf 360 Cloud Service, making it available instantly to the user, instructors, or friends. 

The promotional period for the SkyCaddie spring discount runs from March 20 through April 10, 2023, and is subject to availability. The discount is only available on new SkyCaddie products, not pre-owned, open box or refurbished products. The offer is open only to U.S. residents and U.S. shipping addresses.

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Proposed change to golf ball testing conditions
Aimed at elite players with no impact on the majority of golfers
No change to the general rules on Equipment Standards at this time

(St Andrews, Scotland and Liberty Corner, N.J., USA) — The R&A and USGA have proposed a Model Local Rule (MLR) that gives competition organisers the option to require use of golf balls that are tested under modified launch conditions to address the impacts of hitting distance in golf.

The MLR is intended for use only in elite competitions and, if adopted, will have no impact on recreational golf.

The proposal notice, which can be found here, was sent to golf equipment manufacturers yesterday, following the Equipment Rulemaking Procedures established by the governing bodies in 2011.  Manufacturers and golf stakeholders can provide feedback until 14 August 2023. If adopted, the proposal would take effect in January 2026.

Golf balls that conform to the MLR must not exceed the current Overall Distance Standard (ODS) limit of 317 yards (plus three yards tolerance) at modified Actual Launch Conditions (ALC) with a clubhead speed of 127 mph and based on a calibration set-up for 11 degrees and 37 revolutions per second (2220 rpm) as part of this proposal.

All other balls, including those typically used by recreational golfers with lower swing speeds, would continue to be tested using the existing ALC values (120 mph, and a calibration set-up of 10 degrees and 42 revolutions per second – 2520 rpm). The current ODS limit of 317 yards will remain unchanged and would be applied to both testing set-ups.

The Overall Distance Standard was established in 1976 as a ball test intended to reflect maximum potential hitting distance by the longest hitters currently playing the game.

There is a direct correlation between clubhead speed and hitting distance (further research having been published in the Distance Insights reports). Over the last 20 years hitting distance has increased on average by around one yard per year. 

The modified testing set-up in the proposed MLR is expected to reduce hitting distance by 14-15 yards on average for the longest hitters with the highest clubhead speeds.

Martin Slumbers, CEO of The R&A, said, “We have worked closely with the golf industry throughout this process and taken time to listen carefully to their perspectives and reflect on the helpful and constructive feedback they have provided. At the core of our proposal is a desire to minimise the impact on a flourishing recreational game. We believe the proposed Model Local Rule will help us move forward in a way that protects the inherent qualities of the sport and reduces the pressure to lengthen courses. This is an important issue for golf and one which needs to be addressed if the sport is to retain its unique challenge and appeal.”

“Hitting distances at the elite level of the game have consistently increased over the past 20, 40, and 60 years. It’s been two decades since we last revisited our testing standards for ball distances. Predictable, continued increases will become a significant issue for the next generation if not addressed soon. The MLR we are proposing is simple to implement, forward-looking and does so without any impact on the recreational game,” said Mike Whan, CEO of the USGA. “We are taking the next steps in this process, guided first and foremost by doing what’s right by the entire game.”

The governing bodies have consulted closely with the golf industry throughout the Distance Insights project, which commenced in 2018 but has been of continual study over at least the last two decades. This is the fourth formal feedback period to be opened in the last five years, in addition to continuing stakeholder engagement across the game, including golfers, fans, competition organisers, equipment manufacturers, golf course owners, superintendents, architects and others.   

Based on feedback received from manufacturers, The R&A and the USGA are no longer considering the use of launch conditions that are optimised for each individual golf ball model to evaluate conformance.  Similarly, they are not pursuing a reduction in the characteristic time limit in the existing Equipment Standards or changes to the Moment of Inertia limit of drivers at this time. 

The R&A and USGA set out to address the long-term trend of increased hitting distances and course lengthening that they believe threaten golf’s long-term sustainability and undermines the core principle that a broad and balanced set of playing skills should remain the primary determinant of success in golf.  

The findings of extensive research by the governing bodies into distance (along with the supporting research and data) were set out within the Distance Insights report into the Implications of Hitting Distance in February 2020 under two key themes: the pressure on courses to continue to lengthen and ensuring that distance did not become predominant in the balance of skills required in golf.

The report also found that the overall trend of golf courses becoming longer has adverse consequences, including by increasing the cost and time to play, limiting the advancement of sustainability efforts and reducing the challenge of courses - in some cases creating a risk of them becoming obsolete.

The 2022 Annual Driving Distance Report, which aggregates hitting distance data reported by seven professional men’s and women’s tours worldwide, has also been released, and can be found here.

Data provided for the report showed that the average clubhead speed on the PGA TOUR was 114.6 mph last year, with an average launch angle of 10.3° and average spin of 2597 rpm. The mean of the fastest one percent of clubhead speeds was 127.5 mph in 2022, while the mean of the fastest five percent of clubhead speeds was 124.2 mph.

The Annual Driving Distance Report also reports a 4 percent average year-over-year increase in hitting distance across all seven tours, with all but the Japan Golf Tour and LPGA Tour reporting the longest values on record.  The Korn Ferry Tour recorded the highest annual hitting average across all tours in 2022, at 307.8 yards.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Inaugural Short Par 4 Girls Palmetto Tournament of Champions To Be Held In Myrtle Beach, S.C.

36-hole event will be played September 16-17 at True Blue Golf Club

(MYRTLE BEACH, S.C.) – The inaugural Short Par 4 Girls Palmetto Tournament of Champions will tee off this fall, bringing the best high school golf teams in the Carolinas to Myrtle Beach. The 36-hole tournament will be held September 16-17 at True Blue Golf Club, one of the nation’s top 100 resort courses. 

A total of 12 teams from North and South Carolina, including 10 state championship squads, will be invited to participate as will the top 12 individual players whose teams didn’t win state titles. Entry into the event is free. 

Short Par will provide players with a gift bag, a perk that coincides with the launch of the company’s new Junior Membership Box. 

“The Short Par 4 Tournament of Champions will be an opportunity for premier high school girls programs and individuals in North and South Carolina to test themselves against the best of the best,” said Scott Tomasello, tournament director for Golf Tourism Solutions. “We believe the event has the opportunity to be one of the highlights of the prep golf calendar and playing at True Blue, one of Myrtle Beach’s best courses, will only enhance the tournament’s appeal.” 

"Growing the game through junior golf is a passion for the entire Short Par 4 company," said Todd Stires, Chief Revenue Officer, Short Par 4. “We are excited to be part of this great event and look forward to making buying apparel and accessories a little easier on all of the parents.”

A Mike Strantz design, True Blue is one of the area’s boldest layouts, featuring sweeping fairways, undulating greens, and the sprawling waste bunkers. The layout has hosted numerous collegiate events and South Carolina High School League championships, making it the ideal venue for the Tournament of Champions. 

The Golf Tourism Solutions tournament division runs 11 events, including the World Amateur Handicap Championship and the boys Palmetto High School Golf Championship, a spring tournament. 

Short Par 4 is golf’s premier monthly subscription box, providing subscribers the latest in fashion and unmatched value, guaranteeing players look and feel good when they arrive at the first tee.

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Monday, March 13, 2023

TRUE linkswear Releases All Day Knit 3

Timeless Staple for Comfort and Performance Rocks ‘Subtle Yet Major’ Update

(TACOMA, Wash.) – TRUE linkswear (TRUE), purveyors of ultra-comfortable, modern golf footwear designed for the rigors of walking amid the elements, announces the release of the All Day Knit 3, a subtle-yet-major update to the timeless All Day Knit 2 marked by a new elevated, modern and athletic look and feel.

“The All Day Knit has been our most loved and purchased shoe to date and it’s now reinvigorated with an all-new look and feel,” says TRUE CEO Jason Moore. “The Knit 3 started with the basics we all love about the All Day Knit family, then we made it even more comfortable and capable than ever.”

The Knit 3 embodies an all-new level of comfort combined with innovation to create TRUE’s most comfortable and capable All Day Knit. The one-piece sock-fit knit upper is ultra-breathable, lightweight, and durable. This one-piece knit design sits atop the all-new “AD Sole” – TRUE’s most comfortable midsole to date – while sporting an even more versatile terrain-ready mountaineer-inspired tread. The Knit 3 is offered in four core colors – Onyx, Deep Sea, Legend, and Nimbus – and three limited collections – Pine, Aloe and Cherry Blossom (women’s only). Men’s sizes are 7-11, 12, 13, 14 and 15, and women’s are 5.5-12 and 13. MSRP is $160.


- TRUEknit Fully Breathable 1 Piece Knit Upper: This fully breathable one-piece knit upper consists of 90% polyester and 10% spandex. This allows for an ultra-comfortable, highly breathable natural feel atop the foot.

- Sock Fit Construction: The sock-fit bootie construction allows for the ultimate comfort play while making the All Day Knit 3 one of the easiest shoes to get on and off one’s feet.

- NEW All Day Sole: The new All Day Sole is the perfect choice for a more modernistic take on the all-day ride. It comes with a noticeable cushion uptake and increased tread depth with an all-new rubber tread pattern for more demanding grounds.

- Achilles Memory Foam Heel Pad: The Achilles heel pad is a memory foam pad with a premium microsuede top layer.

- Open Cell Antimicrobial Cushion Insole: The antimicrobial nature of the insole compound provides a smell-free experience, along with a cushioned ride.

- Microsuede Heel Overlay: This premium microsuede heel overlay is a nice aesthetic touch, but it provides function by adding an extra layer of lateral stability.

- NEW AD Crosslife Tread: TRUE's new crosslife tread features an eye-catching chevron pattern utilized in the forefoot and rear foot. The midfoot is made up of our golf/outdoorsman-inspired lug pattern for optimized stability and ground force reaction.

- Transitional Drop: Knit 3 features a minimal athletic drop at 4mm. The industry average for athletic shoes can range from 10mm upwards to 16mm, depending on the source of information. With Knit 3 TRUE holds true to our core belief of health and function first and foremost.


- Upper: 1-piece knit upper that allows for max breathability. The upper knit material blends 90% polyester and 10% spandex. 

- Eyestay + Heel Overlay: The eyestay and heel overlay is made of a premium grade microsuede

- Antimicrobial Insole: Open Cell EVA compound to maximize rebound, stability and comfort. The antimicrobial aspect allows for a stink-free experience.

- Outsole: NEW AD Outsole. The midsole is an all-new WANDERLUX® EVA compound paired with new and improved AD Crosslife mountaineering-inspired tread.

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Friday, March 10, 2023

Golf Simulators Gain Popularity in Residential and Commercial Spaces

(Toledo, OH)
– Playing indoor golf is one of the hottest trends in the golf industry. A recent report by Straits Research valued the golf simulator market at $1.3 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $3.3 billion by 2030, growing at a compound annual growth rate of 10.1%. Golf Simulators are not just for commercial businesses or the rich and famous. The simulator space has been dramatically expanding and becoming more affordable in the last ten years. 

Indoor multi-sport and golf simulator commercial play is booming. Food and entertainment businesses like Topgolf Swing Suite, X-Golf, and 5-Iron Golf have seen remarkable growth, with Topgolf indoor suites growing from 29 stores in 2019 to 120 plus locations. The development of indoor golf is not limited to commercial businesses. Recent technology advances in launch monitors have made home golf simulators more reliable and affordable, driving growth in residential installations as well.  

One company, Ace Indoor Golf, a leading golf simulator manufacturer and retailer in the United States, grew its business by more than 50% last year due to the popularity of home golf simulators. The company designs, sells, installs, and provides maintenance of golf simulators to businesses, golf clubs, individuals, golf teams, sim manufacturers, and the prominent golf retailers like PGA Tour Superstores and 5-Iron Golf. The company offers turnkey custom-designed solutions and “Do-It-Yourself” (DIY), off-the-shelf packages that fit golfers’ needs at every price point. 

Trevor Faust, Ace Indoor Golf’s president, has some excellent advice for golfers looking to put a simulator in their home. “For the DIYer, take your time, do the necessary research, and ask a lot of questions to be sure all of your components will work together correctly. The launch monitor, computer, hitting bay, projector, and screen must work together to provide a safe and enjoyable golf experience. Last, if your skills aren’t in building and technology, I’d suggest hiring a professional installer to prevent mistakes in your simulator setup that can cost you thousands of dollars.”

The combination of consumer demand, affordability, and technological improvements has made simulator golf more popular than ever. Are you looking to install a residential or commercial golf simulator? Ace Indoor Golf offers a variety of options and brands to accommodate every need. For more information, visit or call (888) 517-3398.

Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Unboxing Psychedelic Arcade IPA from Firestone Walker

Available exclusively in their latest IPA Mixed Pack, Firestone Walker introduced Psychedelic Arcade – a new limited-release West Coast Golden Rye IPA bouncing with tropical hop flavors of grapefruit, blueberry and pine dust.

With a full tilt on flavor, Psychedelic Arcade (ABV 6.3%) was first released out of the Propagator R&D brewhouse in Venice, California in 2021. Now leveled up for this special release, a base of 2-Row and Rye malts sets the tone with expansive textures, while a blend of Galaxy, Strata and Nectaron hops delivers mind-blowing flavors of tropical fruit, blueberry, and grapefruit. It’s an IPA that you can bank on sip after sip.

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ASICS Announce New GEL-KAYANO ACE Colorways

– ASICS a leader in golf performance footwear, is set to introduce new colorways for the GEL-KAYANO ACE in North America this spring.

Built with inspiration from widely acclaimed ASICS running shoes, ASICS golf shoes bring the same key qualities of comfort and flexibility to the golf course.

“We’ve been fortunate to have a strong partnership with ASICS for many years now,” said Ryan Polanco, General Manager at ASICS North America. “Their history of providing high quality performance footwear is well documented, and we’re excited to be able to introduce exciting new colorway options in the popular GEL-KAYANO ACE to our U.S. market. It’s a great shoe that has proven technology placed in all the key areas so golfers can enjoy their rounds even more.” 

The GEL-KAYANO ACE is a spikeless, waterproof golf shoe offering comfort with every move. The lightweight frame work and flexibility of the GEL-KAYANO ACE is aided by ASICS FlyteFoam Technology, providing lightweight shock absorption and plenty of support. An improved upper mesh and PU film coating help keep golfer’s feet dry in wet conditions, while its TPU Heel Cradle helps maintain stability while walking and throughout the swing.

A men’s wide shoe offering will be available for the GEL-KAYANO ACE in two color options: Glacier Grey/Pure Silver and White/White.

In addition to the new GEL-KAYANO ACE colorways, ASICS is set to release new color options for the GEL-COURSE GLIDE, and a brand-new shoe offering in the GEL-PRESHOT. The GEL-PRESHOT is a spikeless, waterproof golf shoe that offers players stability while walking and throughout the swing, while simultaneously ASICS Gel Technology increases shock absorption for maximum comfort under the heel.

GEL-KAYANO ACE Key Technologies:

· Lightweight Frame Work and Flexibility: ASICS FlyteFoam Technology provides lightweight shock absorption and plenty of support, while ASICS Gel technology is strategically placed for maximum comfort under the heel.

· Flexible Waterproof Upper: Flexible mesh provides a comfortable fit, while a thin waterproof PU lining keeps feet dry in wet conditions.

· Supportive Fit: Additional ankle padding helps ensure a custom fit that adapts to every move on the course, while air mesh and a TPU heel cradle help provide a flexible, yet supportive fit.

· Golf Specific Tooling: The FG traction sole pattern places spikes exactly where they need to be for stability during the golf swing and traction while walking the course. Featuring GEL cushioning for increased shock absorption, while Toe and Lateral rubber wraps help maintain balance throughout the golf swing.

Retail Information and Pricing 


Pricing: Men’s: $169.99

Sizing: Men’s: 7-12, 13, 14 / Men’s Wide Sizes: 8-12, 13,14

Colors: Men’s: White/Neon Lime, Black/Black, Glacier Grey/Pure Silver, White/Midnight, and White/White. Wide color options include Glacier Grey/Pure Silver and White/White. 


Pricing: Men’s: $99.99 / Women's: $99.99

Sizing: Men’s: 7-12, 13, 14 / Women’s: 6-10

Colors: Men’s: White/Midnight, Black/Carrier Grey, Sheet Rock/Slate Grey, and Glacier Grey/Neon Lime / Women’s: Glacier Grey/Aquarium, Glacier Grey/Pure Silver, and Light Steel/Grand Shark 


Pricing: $119.99

Sizing: Men’s 7-12, 13, 14

Colors: Men’s: White/White, Black/Black, Piedmont Grey/Grand Shark

U.S. Launch Date:


GEL-PRESHOT: Available Spring 2023

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