Thursday, February 6, 2014

Heavy Putter Extended Length Series Earns Golf Digest 2014 'Hot List' Honor

(SCOTTSDALE, AZ) - Boccieri Golf - maker of the Tour-proven Heavy Putter - announces that its new Extended Length (EL) Series has been named to the prestigious Golf Digest "Hot List" for 2014.

Determined by an independent panel of testers, this honor specifically recognizes the EL Series in the areas of "performance" and "innovation." Available in 21 different models, the putter offers a true alternative to anchoring by combining a longer than standard shaft - designed to extend beyond the hands - with the company's patented, Tour-proven weighting system. This features a heavier mass head and counter balance under the grip.

"We've been proclaiming the immense benefits of counter balancing for more than a decade and the industry's finally coming around to the fact that it creates superior performance," Stephen Boccieri, President and CEO of Boccieri Golf. "One reason belly putters became popular was because weight from the grip and shaft materials created a natural counter balance, but with the Heavy Putter players can achieve the same performance using a totally conforming club."

Each EL Series putter includes a strategically positioned 175-gram counterweight, which dramatically raises the putter's balance point. This creates the industry's highest MOI and delivers unmatched stability and consistency. As a result, the EL Series is equally suited to players who prefer regular length putters and those relying on belly or long models.

The annual Golf Digest "Hot List" list showcases equipment that has received the best reviews from the magazine's testers. A year-long process that begins with hundreds of clubs, the list is systematically reduced to the top performers.

Panelists' published comments about the EL Series included:

"The weighting makes sense. It feels soft at impact, but it's not muddled."
"It offers a ton of useful feedback. You know exactly where it'll go the moment you hit it."

"I can feel the consistency of the weight throughout the putter, no matter where I hit it."

The line was also praised for its unique weighting system, which features three distinct categories to suit all preferences - LITE (840 grams), MID (865 grams) and HEAVY (930 grams). This stands in stark contrast to competing brands that offer only one or two models with longer shafts.

As with all Heavy Putter models, the extra weight of the EL Series engages the body's larger, more stable muscles to promote greater control with each stroke. Available in 36, 38 and 40-inch lengths, the EL Series is carried at leading retailers nationwide.

For more information:, 888.788.8374.

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