Thursday, October 22, 2015

TourRadar Launches Guide Community to Connect and Share

(RELEASE) - In the world of touring, there’s a pack of individuals who make it all happen. A group of knowledgeable and passionate people at the front line, truly creating the traveller experience, supporting and showing others what travel is all about. They are tour guides.

It’s about time we recognized guides further. TourRadar's Guide Community is doing just that and providing the perfect place to connect.

An online social community for tour guides working with operators is now up and running. It’s a chance for guides to connect with each other, display their experience, offer travel tips and upload their photos or videos of guiding life.

“At TourRadar we want to make sure that guides are being recognized and have an outlet to share their stories, ideas and experience,” said Travis Pittman, Co-Founder and CEO at TourRadar. “They really are right at the heart of the touring experience. By building this Guide Community we’re aiming to create a positive space for guides to share stories with each other, expand their portfolios and most of all display their knowledge and value to travellers, potential employers and the travel industry at large.”

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