Saturday, October 24, 2015

Product Review: Volvik White Color S3

While recently testing a few new golf balls, one stuck out among the others, drawing the comment, “Wow, I think I know which one is going to win” from one of my playing partners. Even though this wasn’t a competition, the Volvik White Color S3 was the “winner.”

What attribute was most-readily noticeable? Distance off the driver. Following a couple dozen shots with another ball, the first tee shot with the S3 was a wake-up call. Vovik says it’s the world's first patented dual power core with Bismuth metal that provides greater explosiveness. I’ll take them at their word on that. Unlike other metals, Bismuth expands 3.5% in volume, leading to greater energy transfer.
Distance was great, but you can get that from a cheaper, two-piece ball. What those two-piece balls often lack, however, is feel. That’s where you’d expect the three-piece S3 to excel, and you’d be correct.

The S3's urethane cover comes with a unique coating for greater durability, but also provides improved spin control and an exceptionally soft feel at impact. Optimized spin rates allow the desired spin with short irons, while minimizing fairway-missing side spin with the driver.

In testing, the feel of the S3 was amazing. Approach shots were consistent and the silky smooth cover felt great on and around the greens - soft, but not too soft ... feathery, but not flocculent.

But what’s with the name - “White Color” - when there’s no doubt it’s not yellow, orange, pink, etc., like many of the performance balls for which Volvik is famous? According to the company, the name comes from the fact that the golf ball is a hybrid of a white and color golf ball. A white base with a proprietary pearlescent color makes this a color ball for even the most traditional golfer, providing better visibility in light. That makes sense, I suppose.

The Volvik White Color S3 retails at $44.99 - on par with other premium ball options. As always, if you’re looking for a premium ball that fits your game, we recommend buying a sleeve and taking it to the course - first on and around the practice green, and then for the ultimate, 18-hole test. The S3 is as good as any and better than most.

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