Saturday, October 10, 2015

Become A Certified Golf 8.5 Instructor At eduKaytion golf’s Golf 8.5 Certification Workshop Oct. 23-24

(LENOX, MA) – LPGA Hall of Fame instructor Kay McMahon created Golf 8.5 as a simpler approach to teaching and learning golf, and the results have been overwhelmingly positive. New players gain an immediate grasp of the golf swing, and experienced players learn how to quickly fix any swing faults that pop up.

Now she and partner Eloise Trainor of eduKaytion golf want to expand Golf 8.5 well beyond their studio at Cranwell Spa and Golf Resort in Lenox, MA. They have created a Golf 8.5 teacher certification program that will provide the tools for anyone wishing to teach golf in a simpler, easy to understand approach.

This workshop is an introduction for those wanting to explore the possibilities of teaching Golf 8.5 and will include swing principles, teaching techniques, learning styles and more. After the introduction, a more rigorous and in-depth hands-on training will be offered for those wanting to continue.

“Golf has the reputation of being a very difficult game to learn, and we think that has stunted the growth of the game,” said McMahon, a Golf Digest 50 Best Teachers in America instructor. “Golf 8.5 proves that it is actually an easy game to learn, and we want to spread that message across the entire golf landscape. We know Golf 8.5 will address the player development issue that has enveloped our industry for years.”

Golf 8.5 starts from the beginning and allows students to understand the how and why of the golf swing. The Golf 8.5 method de-clutters your brain, teaching you step-by-step the 4 things to do before the swing and the 4.5 things to do in swing.

The learning curve is fast-tracked, and by the time students learn the 8.5 things to do to achieve a classic, consistent golf swing, they’ll be saying, “It’s so simple.”

The first Golf 8.5 Certification Workshop is set for Oct. 23-24 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 pm. at the eduKaytion golf studio at Cranwell Spa and Golf Resort. Cost is $379.

“A job at eduKaytion golf is unlike any you have ever had or have thought of in the golf industry,” said Trainor, founder of the FUTURES Golf Tour (now Symetra). “We are not just in the golf business, but also in the people business.  eduKaytion golf is a company dedicated to quality education and the experience for the consumer.”

To register for the workshop, or for more information, email; or call 518-669-1551.

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