Friday, October 9, 2015

Poll Results: How Often Do You Replace Your Golf Glove?

I recently asked the Google+ Golf Community “How often do you replace your golf glove?” Here are the results:
- Once a season 7%
- Multiple times a season 19%
- When it's too worn to be useful 60%
- I don't wear a glove 14%

I fall in the minority. Perhaps it’s because I live in the snowy Northeast and buying a new golf glove every winter helps bridge the gap between late fall and early spring. There’s something about starting the year with a fresh glove that really appeals to me.

I wasn’t surprised with the majority only buying a new glove once the old one is too worn to be useful. That may have exposed a flaw in the options I presented, however. How often gloves become “too worn” is subjective.

I found that a lot of people, like + Vipul Gidda, have multiple gloves. “Playing in the Texas heat ... I have to rotate between two gloves during a round. Makes them last longer though.”

For +Victor Calderon, which glove he uses depends on the task at hand. “I keep new glove for rounds and an old one for the range ... then rotate the newer glove for the range when the older one gets worn out.”

+Jeremy Black thought that was a great idea, while Calderon joked that he’s “Frugal that way ... LOL”

Speaking of jokes ... I’m not sure whether +Daryl Messenger is serious. “I wash/dry my gloves after they have become old and stretched. It restores the firmness.”

I tried that once and the glove became a shriveled mess. That was many years ago. The technology and quality is certainly better. That may make a HUGE difference.

+Jason Thompson is loaded for bear and uses a similar strategy to Calderon. “I'll have two or three new gloves in my bag at all times, plus old ones for the range,” he said. “Once they lose shape, I swap to a new one, as you start to get movement during your swing.”

Lastly, not everyone uses a glove. Take +Linden Franks, for example. “I just like the feel of the grip in both hands; I quit wearing a glove way back in late 90s.”

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