Wednesday, October 21, 2015

TGA Premier Junior Golf Program Reaches 500,000 Participants

National introductory golf program is ensuring golf’s future by breaking down the traditional barriers to entry

(Los Angeles, CA) – The school year is in full swing, as is TGA Premier Junior Golf (TGA), the nation’s leading introductory and recreational golf program, which has reached a new milestone with over 500,000 participants.

More than 42,000 youth nationwide registered last month for TGA’s introductory golf enrichment programs at schools and community centers, which have been operating since 2003.

“TGA has tackled and beat the traditional barriers to entry for youth through our programs making golf available to entire communities. We take on cost, time, accessibility and transportation in one fatal swoop, which leads to new players in the sport,” TGA founder and CEO Joshua Jacobs said. “Our model can actually track not only our number of participants but also transition rates from introductory to recreational programs at golf courses. By initially focusing on and targeting middle to upper income families, we are creating sustainable golf ecosystems within communities that will have a major economic impact on green fees, memberships, soft and hard good equipment sales and private lessons.”

TGA (Teach, Grow, Achieve) is currently scaled through an innovative franchise business model, the only one of its kind in the industry. TGA vests entrepreneurs through business ownership opportunities that solve the golf industry’s biggest road blocks relating to growth and participation through a unique delivery system.

The model successfully breaks down the barriers to entry by bringing golf directly on to school and community center campuses nationwide. By putting it on the menu of activities with other mainstream sports and youth activities, TGA has created a level playing field for youth to have an easy access point to the lifelong sport. Over 60% of TGA’s participants have never played golf before.

TGA introductory programs introduce youth ages 3-13 and their parents 25-45 (new millennials) to golf via a unique before and after-school five-level, station based enrichment curriculum that incorporates education subjects, physical fitness, life skills, character development and most recently STEM lessons. TGA is the first youth golf program to introduce STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) into its curriculums.

TGA then encourages the transition of youth and families from introductory to recreational programs at golf courses through programs such as camps, parent/child events and recreational leagues thus creating a player pathway. In turn, revenue is created for facilities and golf is getting the new players it covets.

“While most golf programs seem to be geared toward middle school and high school kids or competitive golf, TGA has become the gold standard for introductory and recreational programs for youth ages 10 and under,” explains Jacobs.

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