Friday, October 23, 2015

Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Available at Club Champion Golf

(FORT WORTH, TEXAS) – The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company announces that its precision FT. Worth 15 Irons and TK 15 Wedges are available at all eleven Club Champion Golf locations.

“We are excited that Club Champion Golf, the premier club fitter in North America, has added our precision line of irons and wedges to its line-up,” said Terry Koehler, President/CEO of the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company.  “This is a significant opportunity for golfers to be able to get true tour level club fitting for our innovative Ben Hogan line of performance irons and wedges. We are pleased be a part of the Club Champion organization.”

“Our mission is to help people enjoy the game of golf by improving their equipment to fit their game,” said Nick Sherburne, Founder and Master Fitter of Club Champion.  “The Ben Hogan Golf Equipment has been well received by our customers in all of our centers who are seeking superior performance, exacting tolerances and enhanced feel and playability.”  

The Ben Hogan TK 15 wedges significantly re-engineer how wedges are designed, and deliver more consistent trajectories and distance control, while offering a measure of forgiveness superior to any other wedges on the market.  The equally innovative FT. Worth 15 irons re-define perimeter weighting to combine off-center forgiveness with pinpoint accuracy and responsiveness.  With 28 loft options from 20 to 47 degrees in the irons and 16 wedge lofts from 48 to 63 degrees, only Ben Hogan Golf Equipment is uniquely positioned to offer each golfer a precisely calibrated set of irons and/or wedges that fits their strength profile and launch angle tendencies.  With their new ‘Hogans’, a golfer’s lofts are re-aligned to provide consistent gapping throughout their bag to give them the best opportunity to improve their game.

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