Saturday, October 31, 2015

BioMech’s AccuLock ACE Putter: Still Longer, Still Legal

After the Rules of Golf change in January, the longer ACE will still conform — and still result in better, more accurate, and healthier putting

(Warwick, RI) - On January 1, 2016, most forms of anchoring a long putter will be illegal according to the Rules of Golf. But just because these methods of anchoring are illegal doesn’t mean golfers will have to use a shorter putter. BioMech’s AccuLock ACE putter—which is available in standard lengths from 39 to 47 inches —will still be allowed under the Rules of Golf.

Engineered by scientists to produce a more natural and consistent putting stance and stroke, the ACE features a long shaft (allowing golfers to stand up straighter), that is angled slightly forward to put the golfer in an anatomically optimal position.  Once in that position, the grip rests against the inside of the leading forearm, a position that remains legal under the new Rules.

But more than legal, the ACE putter is the simplest and most accurate putter on the market. Optimizing physiology and physics, it simplifies the putting motion by getting the golfer to stand taller; set up in a consistent, natural, and balanced athletic position; align properly to the target; and make the stroke with the larger, more accurate muscles of the body’s core. As a result, the ACE gives golfers better control of the stroke, rolls putts that stay on the target line, facilitates dramatically improved distance control, and reduces the back problems and pain often associated with traditional putting.

But it isn’t only golfers looking for an alternative to illegal long putting who will love the ACE. All golfers, no matter what method or model they currently use, will find the ACE a better, more accurate, and easier to use putter.

Unlike traditional putters and putting methods that focus solely on engineering and mechanics, the ACE was designed to optimize the putting motion based upon the body’s physiology and the physics. The AccuLock Core Putting System provides these advantages to all golfers:
* Standing taller and more open gives the golfer a better view of the target throughout the stroke.
* The forward angle of the shaft and innovative Optical Alignment System position the golfer’s body in the same position every time.
* The putter facilitates a “true pendulum” stroke, straight back and straight through, with the clubface remaining square to the target line
* The stroke is controlled by the golfer’s core; the hands, wrists, and forearms remain totally stable and quiet. The result is significantly improved distance control.
* The combination of stance and stroke significantly reduces the lower-back strain and off-balance movements associated with traditional arc putting
* Regular use of the ACE trains the body to make a better stroke, one without the hands, arms, and small muscles that can produce mis-hits, mistakes, and misses

Several PGA Tour players have put the ACE in play at PGA Tour events and its presence is increasing on other professional tours around the world.  Golf Magazine features the ACE in an article, “7 Ways to Raise Your Game,” in the November 2015 issue.

The BioMech AccuLock ACE putter is available directly from the manufacturer at, as well as through select green-grass retailers. Retail price is $279.99.

For more information, go to the company’s website,

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