Monday, August 24, 2020

Unboxing Products from Chil Wellness

We unboxed a package from Chil Wellness, including a Sports Balm—formulated with 500mg of full-spectrum hemp CBD—perfect for after working out to provide cool, soothing relief on muscles.

There’s also an Energy Drink Mix and Hydration Drink Mix. The former provides the energy you need without the jitters or a crash that normal energy drinks give you. It’s formulated with 7.5mg of CBD, 30mg of green tea, and 125mg of caffeine with a light watermelon flavor to provide a refreshing taste. The Hydration Drink Mix allows you to work hard, recover faster. It has 10mg of broad-spectrum CBD and filled with electrolytes, 99mg potassium, and a lemon flavor.

Lastly, Aspen’s Maximum Relief Roll-On is ideal for soothing your achy joints, such as in your hands, shoulders, elbows and knees. It’s easy to use, soaks into your skin quickly and leaves no residue.

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