Thursday, August 27, 2020

MindTRAK Golf, Stockton Golf Enter Brand Ambassador Relationship to Amplify Game Improvement

(KELOWNA, B.C., CANADA) – MindTRAK Golf Inc., a comprehensive mental-game training system for golfers, is pleased to announce a Brand Ambassador relationship with renowned golf instruction brand Stockton Golf. This strategic relationship was forged to offer more golfers a solution to some of golf’s biggest challenges, improving mental performance to optimize performance.

By combining the exemplary game improvement methods of Stockton Golf’s “Signature Approach” with MindTRAK Golf’s mental-fitness platform, golfers have the ability to transform their putting skills in a one-of-a-kind way. When students learn this combination of expert techniques, they advance their perception and perspective while strengthening their mindset to optimize performance on the greens.

“Dave Stockton and I became good friends while playing on the PGA Tour in the latter stage of my playing career, when Dave was preparing for the Champion’s Tour,” said Richard (Dick) Zokol, former PGA TOUR player and Founder of MindTRAK Golf. “I was struggling with my putting when I approached Dave to help me. He did and it was amazing. Stockton Golf’s “Signature Approach®” along with MindTRAK Golf’s mental protocol allowed me to improve my putting fundamentals and detach emotionally from my results. My putting improved to a point where I led the PGA TOUR in GIR-Putting – 10 to 15 ft, in my final playing year.”

The MindTRAK Golf mobile app, designed to help users’ access and remain “in this moment” on every shot, was recently launched in the IOS App Store. Developed and tested in competition by Zokol, and a team of business, IT and golf experts, MindTRAK Golf ingrains techniques that strengthen attentional-focus to optimize performance on the golf course. Using the MindTRAK Golf mobile app during each round will help the golfer tune out negativity and play the game “freed up” to perform instinctively.

Similarly, the Stockton “Signature Approach” is focused on making the game simple, so golfers are confident to swing and putt with “uncluttered” confidence. “I want a player to feel free to let the ball do something, versus trying to keep it from doing something.  You can't control the ball until you can control yourself. Putting is the easiest thing you get to do on a golf course, but the Signature Approach is meant to be effective in every aspect of the game,” says Ron Stockton, co-founder of Stockton Golf.

MindTRAK Golf is designed to replace golfers’ problematic “result-oriented” mindsets with a process that keeps them “in the now” as they play. “The mental game process on the course can be simplified down to controlling two important factors. One is the ability to assess the shot and the other is how well that shot is executed,” he says. “There’s an inherent relationship with assessing and executing each golf shot in any given situation. You have to choose to make your score on each hole less relevant.”

While MindTRAK teaches players to focus on the task at hand and not the resulting score, it also provides feedback on a player’s performance deficiencies and tendencies. MindTRAK is a distinct tool for golf coaches to actually see how well their students perform on the golf course.

As part of the MindTRAK Golf app launch, the company is offering the first 500 players who download the app and record 10 rounds of data on it MindTRAK Golf Founding Member status. Founding Members will enjoy free usage of the MindTRAK app for as long as they choose to remain active members. For all other players who download and activate the app, MindTRAK Golf is pleased to offer the benefits of the game-changing mental game system for free until the start of the 2021 golf season.“MindTRAK trains golfers’ minds to get past the distractions in their heads and helps them build the processes and pathways it takes to free up, commit to shots and swing with the athleticism they crave,” Stockton says. “I look forward to working with the MindTRAK and bringing much-needed attention to the mental side of the game.”

Download the MindTRAK Golf mobile app for free from the iOS App Store and discover your personal golf freedom. For more information, visit

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