Friday, August 7, 2020

The Road Back: How Troon Safely Conducts Group and Individual Golf Lessons

In this episode, Rob Thomas, Senior Editor with Club + Resort Business gets insights from Tim Mahoney, Global Director of Education and Coaching for Troon. Mahoney, named a Top 100 Instructor by both GOLF and Golf Digest magazines, discusses how he and the teachers he leads have been safely providing a full slate of classes—both group and individual—in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Currently based at The Club at Cordillera in Vail Valley, Colo., Mahoney hosts clinics seven days a week – with each being filled to capacity. “We’ve never been busier,” he says. “We see our job now as not only to grow the game but also to give people some hope and something to look forward to, because of how we can help them get better at golf."

And because of the adjustments he’s had to make personally to ensure safe but still effective instruction, Mahoney also describes how he’s become a “much better coach” by adapting to the new realities and incorporating new techniques and technology into his lessons. “It hasn’t been about what we could do to generate revenue,” he says. “It’s been about doing whatever we can to show people that we care and to help everyone get through this thing.”

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