Sunday, August 2, 2020

BIG MAXX Adds to Award Winning Bag Lineup for 2020

Dri Lite Hybrid

New technology and designs complement award winning bag line from Europe’s #1 Golf Bag brand

(RELEASE) — Europe’s #1 golf bag and #1 push cart brand BIG MAX is introducing two new golf bag designs to its 2020 line - the Dri Lite Hybrid and Dri Lite Sport. Combining BIG MAX’s water resistant Dri Lite technology with unique practical innovations these bags showcase the reasons that BIG MAX is at the top of European golf’s most wanted list.

BIG MAX DRI LITE technology delivers a water resistant golf bag that features 100% waterproof fabric, specially designed waterproof zippers and a 2.000mm* waterproof rating. With this level of protection, most brands would call Dri Lite waterproof, but with the time and expertise BIG MAX invests in its 100% waterproof Aqua line, the brand is happy to call Dri Lite water resistant, knowing it will keep all but the very wettest days at bay.

The Dri Lite Hybrid is a faultless water-resistant stand bag with unique innovations that allow it to sit perfectly on a cart. Featuring a trolley compatible footless flat base and leg lock system the Hybrid sits perfectly square and secure on a cart or push cart while a neat cut out section in the base adds further stability when combined with a BIG MAX push cart. At the top of the bag the leg mechanism is located lower down the bag, meaning that the reinforced bag connection area makes contact with the cart rather than the legs. This eliminates twisting and provides a perfectly snug fit on the upper bag brackets.

Dri Lite Sport
With 7 spacious waterproof pockets, 14 way full length dividers and a host of neat features, the Hybrid has all the function of the best cart bags. But take the hybrid out on its own and it transforms to a stylish lightweight stand bag. The footless stand mechanism works exactly like any other stand bag while the air channel straps allow for breathability and comfort. At just 4.4 lbs the Hybrid is a breeze to carry and keeps all your gear completely dry, however you choose to get it round the course.

The Dri Lite Sport is a stylish, colorful, ultra-light Cart bag that combines a host of practical features with the protection of BIG MAX’s water resistant Dri Lite technology. A 14 way 9.5” organizer top with oversize putter well combines with 9 waterproof pockets, including an oversize cooler pocket, to provide all the space and storage that even the best equipped golfer could need. Neat features such as easy access Velcro glove holder, towel holder, umbrella holder and robust carry handles add to the practical benefits while the ultra light weight of just 4.85 lbs make the Dri Lite Sport simple to transfer from car to cart.

*Hydrostatic testing of waterproof fabric gives a mm per 24 hours rating. This refers to the amount of rainfall a fabric can withstand in a single day. Thus, a 2,000mm waterproof rating means the garment can withstand 2,000mm of rainfall in a single day without letting moisture in. 

Dri Lite Hybrid MSRP: $229.99 Available in Black, Charcoal/Black/Red, Silver/Black/Red, White/Black/Orange, White/Navy/Red

Dri Lite Sport MSRP: $249.99 Available in Black, Grey/Black, Navy/Silver/Red

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