Tuesday, August 4, 2020

ClubsHELP Launches 100-Hole Challenge

National Movement Helps Golf Clubs Raise Money for Local Charities 

(Morristown, N.J.) — It’s a fund raiser, it’s a marathon, it’s a way to give back to local communities – all through the sport of golf.  The 2020 ClubsHELP 100-Hole Challenge was announced this week as a vehicle to raise funds for local charities nationwide.

100-Hole Challenge Team at Bay Hill Club and Lodge
“With so many charity golf events being canceled this year due to social distancing and non-member play voiding large tournaments, we needed to create an event that adheres to social distancing protocols,” said Michael McCarthy, CEO of Addison Reserve Country Club and Chairman of the ClubsHELP 100-Hole Challenge. “Members and corporate sponsors can support players who are responsibly playing in these events.”

The main benefit of the 2020 ClubsHELP 100-Hole Challenge is that clubs across the country can pledge support for favored local charities.

How does this event work?

Amateur golfers, including club staff or teams from local charities (typically in groups of 2 or 3), play 100 holes of golf from sun-up to sundown raising money for select local charities. Pledges are received from friends, members, family and local businesses, with 90% of funds raised donated to the club’s designated local charity and the remaining 10% to ClubsHELP. Teams may represent the club, a corporation, or a charity, allowing tremendous flexibility to raise funds for multiple causes.  

Member clubs receive promotional support from ClubsHELP national headquarters, including an app for receiving pledges, national leaderboard, and marketing tool kit.

The 100-Hole Challenges will run from now through October 31, 2020.  

With support of the golf legends Ernie Els and Jack Nicklaus, plus the backing of the Club Managers Association of America and National Club Association, ClubsHELP has grown from a single club in March 2020 to a network of nearly 400 clubs supporting hospitals, food banks, emergency services responders, and nursing homes in their communities. Through this collective energy and support of golf and club members across the country, resources are being deployed where they are needed most—at the local level.

The 100-Hole Challenge is the ultimate demonstration of community support – and that’s the essence of ClubsHELP, a 501(c)3 foundation.

To enroll a club in ClubsHELP access the website at www.clubshelp.org. To learn more about the 100-Hole Challenge, go to www.clubshelp.org/100holes/.


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