Monday, July 9, 2018

Woodloch Resort - America's Ultimate Family Resort - Featured in July Episode of Traveling Golfer

(PHILADELPHIA, Pa.) - In the far northeast corner of Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains there is a 1,000-acre slice of heaven known as Woodloch Resort. The story of the growth of this amazing resort, and its championship golf course, is the subject of the July episode of the Traveling Golfer.
The name of the resort is misleading because it should be known as the Woodloch "Family" Resort ... for two reasons.
The first is that Woodloch is the Pocono Mountains largest and finest all-inclusive family resort. It is a daily mixture of activity, laughter, excellent accommodations and great dining.
The second reason is that, since 1958, Woodloch Resort has been proudly owned and operated by the Kiesendahl family. They are as much a part of the sprawling property as the incredibly picturesque Lake Teedyuskung.
It all began when Harry and Mary Kiesendahl purchased a small 12-acre Pocono resort that included a main lodge, annex and two cottages - housing 40 guests. Now the resort includes a number of different venues and can accommodate more than 900 guests.
"Woodloch Resort is all about bringing families together and it all starts with the Kiesendahl family," explains Rory O'Fee, director of marketing. "They are hands-on in every aspect of the business. At every mealtime they are going to greet you as you walk in the door. They want to touch every guest and make sure they are having a good time. The bond they share as a family, they also share with every family that comes to the property. It's refreshing."
One of the main attractions is the Woodloch Springs golf course, built by architect Rocky Rochemore in 1992. It has matured into one of the premier courses in the Pocono Mountains.
"There is nothing more difficult in the realm of golf course architecture than designing and building a great golf course in a mountain setting," comments Tony Leodora, host of the Traveling Golfer television show. "That is why you see more bad mountain golf courses than good ones. Taming an especially rugged landscape such as Woodloch Springs was a supreme challenge - but one that was met with great success."

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