Friday, July 27, 2018

Take Driving Accuracy to the Next Level with FLIGHTPATH Performance Golf Tees

(ORLANDO, Fla.) – You’re aiming down the fairway off the first tee box, excited to be playing one of the dream golf courses on your bucket list and boom, you hit your ball wide right and deep into the long stuff. Not exactly the start you wanted. Now there is a golf tee that can help more golfers find the fairway.

FLIGHTPATH is a performance golf tee that combines the direction of ball flight with a directional arrow that is built right into the structural design. No longer will golfers be subject to golf tees that have no knowledge of their pre- determined path of flight. FLIGHTPATH’s patent-pending tee design reduces frictional resistance in two primary directions - laterally and centrally - enabling golfers to hit longer and straighter tee shots.

“FLIGHTPATH is one of the only golf tees ever to prove its performance through robotics testing,” said Daniel Whalen, President of IGP Enterprises, manufacturers of FLIGHTPATH. “FLIGHTPATH has been proven to reduce ball spin, increase directional control and increase distance compared with conventional golf tees in the market.”

Simply set the arrow of your FLIGHTPATH golf tee in the direction you are aiming in and swing on to the path of least frictional resistance. Maximum frictional resistance reduction is achieved with your FLIGHTPATH golf tee in the ground at 90 degrees, but can be tilted back slightly for added stability should you desire it.

Maurice Allen, the 2017 World Long Drive Tour Champion and former Guinness World Record holder, is proudly endorsing and playing FLIGHTPATH golf tees on the 2018 World Long Drive Tour. Allen is currently ranked #3 on the World Long Drive Tour. With drives over 400 yards, competitors like Allen know the importance of accuracy and being able to take dead aim, while crushing their drives and landing them inside the marked grid.

Allen recently won the Pacific Rim Long Drive Competition held at the Rarotonga Golf Club in Nikao, Cook Islands. Players hit eight balls within three minutes. Only drives within a marked grid of 400 meters long by 45 meters wide were counted as successful attempts. Allen recorded the longest distance by over 60 meters in the tournament while using FLIGHTPATH golf tees. Allen will be crushing drives off his pink FLIGHTPATH golf tees at the 2018 Volvik World Drive Championship August 30- September 5, WinStar World Casino & Resort in Thackerville, Okla.

Take your driving accuracy to the next level with FLIGHTPATH performance golf tees. FLIGHTPATH conforms to the Rules of Golf. To order visit or contact Daniel Whalen at 305-439- 1137 or

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