Friday, July 13, 2018

CHASE54 Launches Fall 2018 Choose Your Now Collection

(New York, New York) – CHASE54 – a golf and lifestyle apparel brand named for the pursuit of the perfect score in golf – announces the launch of its fall 2018 Choose Your Now collection. Inspired by the past, present and future of golf style, the range boasts nostalgic, modern-classic designs married with CHASE54’s proprietary fabric technologies that set the brand apart.

The Choose Your Now collection includes two men’s groups and two women’s groups, plus the brand’s ever-evolving Elements line that can be mixed and matched into each group to round-out the collection with a timeless look. Incorporated into each item are technical material elements like sun protection, cooling properties and moisture-wicking qualities.

"Our fall 2018 collection embodies the richness and thrill of golf's past and present, as well as the possibilities of what is yet to come,” says Lulu Faddis, CHASE54 Designer. “There is something for everyone and every era of style you want your game to reflect.”

The men's offerings include the sporty Retro Active range featuring crease-free material, while the Outdoor Games group offers CHASE54’s take on today’s golf style trends with an athletic influence. The Alternate Bliss ladies’ line is inspired by the idea of a floating new world, boasting whimsical prints in moisture-wicking and cooling tech fabrics. Additionally, the Power Style group offers mesh insert and cutaway details combined with bold, color-block designs.

For more information, contact CHASE54 Marketing Coordinator, Keely Pemberton:  970-302-8110.

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