Wednesday, July 11, 2018

80BREAKR Unveils "Beer Me" Feature on Its App

(San Diego, CA) - The 80BREAKR golf scorecard app now has a "Beer Me" button on its app that lets golfers summon the beverage cart at whatever course they're on.

With this new button, 80BREAKR has eliminated the need for golfers to wait for the beer cart to drive by on its rounds. Courses have been using this as a way to improve service to their guests, letting golfers know they can request the beverage cart to celebrate a birdie or Nassau clutch putt, or to console golfers who need a cold one after a blow-up hole.

Golfers love the Beer Me button, but golf courses use it to improve service, reduce wait times, and improve pace of play by minimizing play stoppages caused by the beverage cart. Golf courses getting on-board with 80BREAKR now are getting tremendous value, with not only the Beer Me button, but with customized app features, branding, keeping ad revenue, course-wide GPS, and much more. Getting started is free, just put-up a download sign the company creates.

"So far, golfers have loved this feature," says Thomas Stewart, owner and creator of 80BREAKR. "Plus, it gives golf course operators the ability to know when and where golfers are looking for refreshments. We can preload the feature for courses that want to use it, as well.

For more information, golf courses can read about the 80BREAKR services here:

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