Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Zero Friction’s Spectra Two Ball/Tee Packs Provide Two Essential Golf Products in One Colorful Package

(OAK BROOK TERRACE, IL) – Besides clubs, there are two essential products every golfer needs when they play a round of golf: balls and tees.

Zero Friction, maker of high-quality, technologically advanced products for golfers worldwide, makes it easy to purchase those essentials with its colorful Spectra Two Ball/Tee packs. These innovative packs include two Spectra matte finish golf balls and 18 matching neon colored ZFT Maxx tees all in one convenient blister pack.

The Spectra two-piece distance golf balls have a large, super-fast core providing explosive distance, high launch and longer roll off the tee. The 2 3/4" 3 prong ZFT Maxx tees offer the same great design, distance and performance as the company’s original 3 and 4-prong tees with 66% reduced contact area, but are extra-large, extra thick and extra durable. The patented Zero Friction Tee is the #1 performance tee on the PGA TOUR with more than 70 victories.

And like all Zero Friction products, the Spectra Two Ball/Tee packs come in a variety of cool colors.

Zero Friction established itself in the golf industry with the sport’s first performance golf tee, and its success continues today, reflected by its usage on the professional golf tours. The company’s most recent success has centered on its colorful line of one-size compression-fit golf gloves, addressing an inventory issue faced by every pro shop and retail outlet that carries gloves. Having to carry only one size, retailers can offer a variety of colors.

Two years ago Zero Friction launched a true breakthrough product, the GPS Distance Pro glove, which comes with a lightweight GPS device on the flap, providing accurate distances for over 35,000 golf courses worldwide.

This year the company introduced two new products that received rave reviews at the PGA Merchandise Show. The Cabretta Elite golf glove is an upgrade to the original Cabretta glove released three years ago. The Cabretta leather provides a solid grip in wet or humid weather. The reinforced Lycra throughout fingers, back of hand and palm allow for maximum strength, durability, and enhanced breathability.

Also new are the Spectra matte finish golf balls. Matte finish golf balls are the hottest product in golf right now, as they are easier to see in the air and on the ground, so they speed up play and prevent lost balls. Plus, the bright colors make the game more fun.

A selection of Zero Friction accessories is available in blister pack Super Tubes that include performance tees, compression gloves and Spectra balls.

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