Tuesday, July 10, 2018

V1 Sports Debuts New Laptop Studio System

Leading golf swing video analysis platform extends the studio experience

(Ann Arbor, MI) – V1 Sports (V1), producers of the leading golf video instruction technology platform for teaching pros and golfers with a home studio, has released a new Premium Laptop Studio System.

Indoor studios and teaching bays typically use desktops, which require more space and offer less versatility. The V1 team developed the new system to provide instructors and golfers the convenience and versatility of a laptop with the power to run V1 Pro HD software with one or two live streaming, high definition, high frame rate, low light cameras.

The new Premium Laptop System can drive an indoor studio with fixed cameras and be easily unplugged and set up on the range or a practice green.

Customers will be attracted to the new turnkey teaching system for a multitude of reasons including a lower cost of entry versus a desktop system, the flexibility to capture video in different locations, and the ability to do swing analysis or lesson creation using Pro HD software from your office, home or on the road.

“V1 offers a full range of systems for high end academies to individual instructors and home installations.  The new system offers both pros and golfers a versatile tool for improvement utilizing V1’s leading platform for video instruction” said Chris McGinley, Director of Business Development.

V1 Premium Laptop Systems include the Ultra-Fast Intel i7 quad core processor, Radeon graphics card, SSD hard drive, and a sunlight readable touchscreen as well as a traditional keyboard. All turnkey systems include the computer, cameras, cables, tripod or wall mount, as well as a one-year Premium Complete V1 software subscription.   V1 Sports builds and tests all components prior to shipping with instructions for plug-and-play upon arrival. One call to V1 Support covers both hardware and software.

“V1 Sports is a recognized global leader in the teaching bay and this versatile new turnkey system advances our mission to empower both instructors and golfers to be their best regardless of where they want to teach and learn” added Bryan Finnerty, CEO.

For more information about the Premium Laptop Studio System visit: https://v1sports.com/coaches-instructors/golf-studio-systems/.

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