Thursday, July 5, 2018

Introducing New Level Golf, Custom Irons

I was just introduced to New Level Golf via Ricky Potts' #WednesdayMatchPlay Presented by Eat Sleep Golf. Check out the attached images and visit to learn more.

What is the concept of New Level? – To prove to the industry that brand name is only a facade. Mostly the larger companies are mass producing equipment and there have little regard for the end user. For them it’s all about numbers and making their shareholders profit. We are different whereas we only care about the customer. Sure we want to be profitable, but not at the expense of cutting corners or binging out new products without a demonstrable performance difference.

Why choose New Level? - A golfer should choose New Level for a number of reasons… First starting with performance! Launch monitor data has proven that our one piece forgings are capable of comparable ball speeds to irons competing in the game improvement category. Why wouldn’t someone want the ultimate combination of distance and feel? Secondly, all of our efforts go into the product. This is a labor of love for me that started many, many years ago as a very strong amateur player and long-time club fitter. I set out to create a line of irons that could be easily mixed and matched, had a look that didn’t intimidate an average golfer from being too small, or to blade like. I felt that if I could incorporate the commonality of today’s leading game improvement irons into a soft, premium forging, we’d have something positive.

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