Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Travis Mathew Joins Bubba Watson in Charity Drive

Travis Mathew Apparel is thrilled to announce the "Travis Mathew and Bubba Watson Grand Slam Drive for Charity" in conjunction with "Bubba and Friends Drive to a Million."

For this drive, Travis Mathew Apparel hopes to raise up to $300,000 for various charities in the Southern California area. We will be working specifically with the City of Hope, a California based cancer research center housing one of the nation's top independent biomedical, treatment and education institutions, Fresh Start, an organization that provides cosmetic reconstructive surgery for children with physical defects or disabilities, Alta Med, a facility providing affordable healthcare for the uninsured, and Out of Sight Faith, an organization that provides educational resources to blind students.

Money for these charities will be raised in the following ways. Travis Mathew Apparel will sell a select number of Limited Edition polos that match Bubba Watson's outfits for each Major throughout the year. 100% of the proceeds raised from these polos will be donated directly to Fresh Start and will go towards "Bubba and Friends Drive to a Million."

Additionally, if Travis Mathew Apparel sells out of all limited edition polos, we will donate $50,000 per major to The City of Hope.

Moreover, Bubba Watson has graciously offered his time to support the 7th Annual AltaMed Golf Tournament by donating a golf trip including travel, and a round of golf with Bubba for the event's live auction. Money raised for this auction item will also go towards "Bubba and Friends Drive to a Million."

Travis Mathew Apparel is very proud to partner with Bubba Watson for this and we are eager to show our support for these amazing charitable organizations.


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