Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Devant and Artist David O’Keefe Bring Back Caddyshack Moments with Hi Def Edge Towels

(RICHMOND, Va.) – If you are a fan of one of the all-time classic golf movies, Caddyshack, then Devant’s new Tribute to Caddyshack Collection of golf towels are a must have.

Devant, known in the golf industry for its high quality towels and innovative designs, teamed with renowned pop culture artist David O’Keefe to create two unique golf towels. The Tribute to Caddyshack Collection features O’Keefe’s famous paintings, “Bushwood – A Tribute to Caddyshack” and “A Cinderella Story.”  The art is showcased on Devant’s popular Hi Def Edge velour towel. Devant is the only company that uses a patented Hi Def digital technology process to produce the highest quality image on a towel. The process produces a sharp image of a piece of artwork or photograph while maintaining the soft hand of a fully functional golf towel.

“The Tribute to Caddyshack Collection is phenomenal,” said Craig Ramsbottom, President of Dynamic Brands, Golf Division. “Every golfer loves the movie and the two images that David created are classic Caddyshack moments. Initial orders and sell through for the Tribute to Caddyshack Collection has been excellent and we look forward to expanding the collection this spring.”

“Bushwood – A Tribute to Caddyshack” features the four main characters of the movie, Bill Murray as Carl Spackler, Chevy Chase as Ty Webb, Ted Knight as Judge Smails and Rodney Dangerfield as Al Czervik in a scene at the Bushwood Country Club with the whole cast of characters surrounding them. “The Cinderella Story” captures the hilarious scene featuring Bill Murray’s character Carl Spackler.

The Hi Def Edge towels are 16 in. x 25 in. featuring a Lock Clip solid brass attachment for use on golf bag or cart. The towels are sold at golf retailers for a suggested retail of $24.95.

About the artist: David O’Keefe
Raised on Hollywood, sports and rock and roll music, O’Keefe has an acute awareness for the images and personalities that have colored the lives of his generation. He just sees things differently -- more intensely, edgier, somewhat more perspicuous than the average spectator. The pop culture icons that we idolize, glamorize and glorify, O’Keefe visualizes for us in all their humanness as well as their stardom.


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