Monday, February 20, 2012

Medicus Golf Reveals Five Keys to Pure, Consistent Ball Striking

Company Launches New Website While Developing Training Aids for Each Key

(Vista, Calif.) – Ben Hogan’s swing was sweetly controlled. Arnold Palmer lashed at drives with powerful fury and Jim Furyk famously kills snakes in a phone booth. Clearly no two golf swings are quite the same.  But a recent study by Medicus Golf identified five basic elements that every great golfer—from Bobby Jones to Tiger Woods—has in common.

Arguably the next significant advance in golf instruction, the Pure Strike Keys to Consistency are principals that can help all golfers hit the ball with repeated accuracy and steady distance, which leads to better scores, said Medicus Founder and President Bob Koch.

“One reason teaching is so complicated is that a student can’t focus on 10 different parts of the swing at once,” explained Koch. “But while golf’s most prolific champions had different grips, stances and swing planes, all had mastered five essential things that are obvious on film and in photos.  It’s the common traits that enabled the greats to strike balls with consistent purity.”

Even if a student focuses on just one Pure Strike key, he added, the performance of the swing is instantly improved. Put together all five and the combination is the simplest way any golfer can build an accurate, repeated swing that strikes a golf ball pure, time after time.

Developed in conjunction with PGA Instructors Chuck Evans, Randy Sparks and Dave Wedzik, the Pure Strike Keys can be found on the new website  It contains information, videos and will also feature links to webinars on each of the Pure Strike Keys. A DVD and instruction book will follow this spring. Meanwhile, Medicus is developing training aids for each Pure Strike Key to help golfers engrain the fundamentals. All five training aids will be available for purchase in 2012 on the aforementioned website.


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