Friday, February 10, 2012

FOURTEEN GOLF Unveils New TC-610 Irons

(IRVINE, CA) - FOURTEEN GOLF, the worldwide leader in wedge design with over 38 professional tour victories in 2010 and 2011, will introduce a line of irons designed specifically to help women gain distance with consistency - TC-610 Irons.

All golfers want to gain extra distance with consistency and accuracy. These TC-610 Irons provide these exact characteristics but for women. They have been developed to address the needs specifically related for women who golf.

The TC-610 features a highly engineered club head with a deep under-cut cavity. This design attribute makes these irons easy to hit and are extremely forgiving on off-center shots. A wide sole set promotes a higher launch. For greater distance, the loft appointments are strong. These combined design elements warrant tremendously long and consistent shots.

To maximize the power and purity of every shot, the engineering team for FOURTEEN GOLF manufactured the TC-610 Irons with chrome molybdenum steel. This special metal is known to be used in missiles and aircraft parts because it can withstand extreme heat and is incredibly hard. It is durable and resists erosion.

According to FOURTEEN GOLF COO Marcy Kamoda, "These irons allow women to swing easily and yet gain those sought after extra yards. We know that women are going to love them. Our testing proved that women's irons in the market place can't compare to the TC-610 Iron's distance or accuracy."

The club face shape is simple boasting clean lines with a mid-size profile. The nickel chrome satin finish is complimented on the back cavity with a mirror finish. For the ultimate in performance the TC-610 is equipped with a women's MD-370 JL Carbon Graphite Shaft. The Iron set is offered in a #7 iron through approach wedge. The #4, #5, and #6 iron can be purchased separately.

FOURTEEN GOLF has earned a reputation for producing some of the most classically designed, tour inspired, forged irons in the world. In 2010, Golf Digest awarded the FOURTEEN GOLF TC-910FG Forged Irons with an honorable silver award in the "Players Irons" category and in 2011 the Golf Digest judges recognized the FOURTEEN GOLF TC-510FG Forged Irons with four stars for performance and awarded them another silver honor in the "Game Improvement" category. These highly engineered TC-610 Irons are a celebrated addition to the FOURTEEN GOLF iron line-up.


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