Wednesday, September 7, 2011

SkyCaddie SGX Scores Industry's Only GOLD Rating Among Distance-Measuring Devices in Prestigious 2011 Golf Digest 'Hot List'

SkyCaddie's SGX stands alone with highest rating among distance measuring devices by "Hot List;" panel made up of Golf Digest editors, golf retailers, golf professionals and consumers

(RIDGELAND, Miss.) - SkyGolf, maker of SkyCaddie, the No. 1 Rangefinder in Golf, announced that SkyCaddie SGX received the only Gold rating among all GPS rangefinders tested by Golf Digest magazine for the 2011 "Hot List."

The prestigious distinction comes on the heels of a recent survey conducted by Golf Datatech, the industry's leading independent research firm, who polled serious golfers about their opinions of lasers, dedicated GPS devices and smartphone apps. The study revealed that 94 percent of all serious golfers believe "exact yardage" is important to their game and when asked which rangefinder, including lasers, they considered the most accurate, the overwhelming choice was SkyCaddie.

The combination of golfers' need for accurate distances and SkyCaddie being named as the most accurate rangefinder explains why more golfers use and trust SkyCaddie for their critical distances than all other distance measuring devices combined.

In an article that appears in the October 2011 issue of Golf Digest, SkyCaddie was the only golf distance measuring device to receive Gold rating, the highest recognition from the "Hot List" testing panel, which included Golf Digest editors, golf retailers, golf professionals and consumers.

The Golf Digest panel recognized SkyCaddie for its breadth of golfer-friendly features and benefits, including SkyGolf's unmatched ground mapping process whereby highly-trained SkyCaddie mappers walk every course - just like PGA TOUR caddies do for their pros - using survey-grade equipment with accuracy within a yard or less, to record thousands of points on each hole to verify the exact locations of targets, hazards, fairway run outs, major green contours, false fronts and the perimeter of every green with dynamic front carry and back numbers. That is why more golfers use and trust SkyCaddie than the other trailing brands combined, with SkyCaddie beating the nearest competitor, according to Golf Datatech's survey, by a margin of 4 to 1.

"We are very excited to serve as the Gold standard among golf distance measuring devices, and to receive such strong recognition in the prestigious Golf Digest 'Hot List,'" said Richard Edmonson, CEO, SkyGolf. "The testing panel for the 'Hot List' is a diverse group of editors, golf pros, retailers and consumers, and to have them collectively award the Gold rating to SkyCaddie is a strong testament to why our product is the No. 1 Rangefinder in Golf. Exact yardage remains the most important issue among golfers looking to purchase a distance measuring device. However, a GPS system can be no more accurate than the map it uses. If the map is wrong, so are the distances. That's why only SkyGolf goes the extra mile and extra expense to deliver maps that deliver the same trusted, reliable yardages that no Tour Pro would play without. And, unfortunately such accuracy comes at price as most good things cost money. And yes, we have modestly-priced annual membership plans that allow us to deliver this reliability, but our customers believe it's the best investment a golfer can make in terms of game improvement by virtue of our No. 1 rated accuracy and the fact we have more golfers trusting our SkyCaddie than all other GPS rangefinders combined."

The Golf Digest "Hot List" serves to provide golfers with a guide that they can use as a starting point in searching for new golf equipment. The editors of Golf Digest, along with golf retailers, professionals and consumers spend hours testing all of the newest products each fall. The products that rate the best end up on the "Hot List," with the very best in each category earning a Gold rating.

Edmonson adds, "Whether a golfer has a handicap of 2 or 22, having the right distance is essential for a good shot to end up in a good place. Having the wrong distance information adds another handicap to a golfer who is already challenged enough by a tough game. We achieved this Gold rating from Golf Digest because we believe that golfers of all skill levels deserve the best and most accurate distances possible. Everyone wants to buy a better game. So, when it comes to distances, everyone can be equal if they buy a rangefinder that is reliable and accurate...and it's clear that SkyCaddie is the right choice.

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