Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Champ Zarma Partners with the New Difference Etonic Golf Shoe

(Marlborough, MA) - When it comes to technical advancements, golf footwear refuses to be left in the dust. Shoe manufacturers are looking for new and improved ways to keep golfers comfortable with traction and stability that allows a golfer to go for shots and not worry about their footwear equipment. One company with years of experience that has succeeded at this is Etonic.

CHAMP is proud to partner with Etonic on the launch of the Difference golf shoe. For the golfers who buy the Difference, included on the inside of the shoe are properties to reduce heat as well as added cushioning for comfort. When it comes to the outsole Etonic has chosen to accompany their PowerUp Technology Outsole System, with the CHAMP Zarma spikes. CHAMP Zarma is the latest offering by CHAMP and has quickly become known as the 'comfort cleat' by those who wear it.

CHAMP Zarma was launched less than a year ago and already has success on the professional golf tours. Features of CHAMP Zarma include a traction element constructed of durable abrasion resistant urethane, a comfort element of soft resilient shock absorbing material attached to a rigid base element, which incorporates the fastener. As in all of the CHAMP spikes, CHAMP Zarma has a wear indicator to let golfers know when it is an appropriate time to change out their spikes.

"Etonic was looking for a spike that would complete our new shoe and the CHAMP Zarma certainly did make a 'difference'. It is the perfect marriage of a performance golf shoe with a performance cleat," states Tom Elwell CEO of Etonic. "We wanted traction and a CHAMP spike undoubtedly provides the best in traction. The bonus of the comfort element was a homerun for us knowing the Difference is launching to give golfers just that. This is a win-win relationship and we certainly are looking forward to watching golfers globally gravitate to the Difference."

"CHAMP is proud to have the new Zarma Spike chosen for the Difference. The Zarma Spike will compliment the PowerUp Technology Outsole System increasing traction but will also give golfers comfort no other spike can duplicate," states Harris MacNeill, President and CEO of CHAMP / MacNeill Engineering. "CHAMP has worked with Etonic for a number of years on traction technology options and our past experience with Etonic assures us that our Zarma Spike is in a product of quality and supreme craftsmanship."

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