Friday, September 23, 2011

The 3-Degree Putting Solution

Modern golf instructors have long-forgotten the truth about negative loft - something that Michael Breed, the host of Golf Channel's The Golf Fix , would like to change. Thirty years ago, Breed was practicing putting and had an epiphany: the ball jumped into the air immediately after impact with his putter face. Tinkering with the angle before impact produced a better result. He quickly learned that by leaning the putter shaft forward he was able to transform the loft from positive to negative and all but eliminated that pesky jump. Breed has learned that the key to fixing putting woes is to change the loft on your putter face from the standard-issue 4 degrees of positive loft to a negative three degrees.

In The 3-Degree Putting Solution: The Comprehensive, Scientifically Proven Guide to Better Putting by Michael Breed with John Steinbreder (Gotham Book, October 2011, $26, Hardcover), Breed explains the technique that golfers like Dave Stockton, Billy Casper, Horton Smith and Bobby Locke have all used successfully, but instructors have been failing to teach for decades. Breed reintroduces the forgotten truth about negative loft with the hope of providing a better short game for amateurs and pros alike.

The 3-Degree Putting Solution gives golfers less backspin on the ball, which leads to a truer roll and more consistent speed - significantly shrinking the chance on error of each putt.

Breed also offers readers information on grip, posture, and alignment. He addresses matters of club path, face angle and tempo. He provides tips on the best putter for golfers of all levels, and includes practice drills and dozens of photographs and illustrations.

The 3-Degree Putting Solution will revolutionize the short game of today's golfers.


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