Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Scor Golf Successfully Launches Scor4161 At PGA Fall Expo

The most comprehensive re-design of scoring clubs since the invention of the sand wedge

(Victoria, TX) - SCOR Golf, a division of Eidolon Brands, announced the successful introduction of its SCOR4161 line of scoring clubs at the recent PGA Fall Expo, sponsored by the PGA of America.

"We were delighted at the positive feedback we received from the PGA community, media and industry buyers at the PGA Fall Exp," said Terry Koehler, President of SCOR Golf. "The enthusiasm for SCOR4161 confirmed our belief that SCOR Golf will soon become the leading manufacturer of high performance scoring clubs."

With show attendance up from last year, SCOR Golf, as the sponsor of the short game area, was able to get their new line in the hands of the PGA community at the very successful demo night. "By having golfers, buyers and the media experience first-hand the feel and quality of the SCOR Golf product line we were able to personally demonstrate how SCOR4161 can improve one's shot making performance in the scoring zone for golfers of all skill levels, thereby improving their short games and lowering their scores," added Koehler.

SCOR Golf also introduced its proprietary Short Game Fitting System at the show. "This fitting system will allow the PGA professional to quickly and accurately custom fit their students for the most important clubs in their bag-the scoring clubs," added Koehler. "The opportunity to custom fit and custom build the scoring clubs in a precise manner is what really makes SCOR Golf a unique and powerful brand."

"SCOR4161, combined with proper fitting and instruction, allows us to help golfers of all skill levels bring focus to their short games," said Chip Gist, Director of Golf at Grey Rock Golf Club in Austin, TX and one of the first SCOR Golf Short Game Performance Centers in the country. "With the vast array of lofts available, and the excellent range of steel and graphite shafts, we are able o fit anyone with the right prescription to bring order to their short game shot making."

The new SCOR4161 line of scoring clubs is available at www.scorgolf.com and at a growing number of selected golf pro shops. The suggested retail price for a set of five clubs is $639.

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