Thursday, September 22, 2011

Custom Clubfitting Leader Henry-Griffitts Adds PSP's 'The Little One' Training Club to Fitting Cart

(MAUMEE, OH) - Henry-Griffitts - the seminal force in custom clubfitting for 28 years and the originator of the clubfitting cart - is partnering with PSP (Pure Solid Perfect) Golf to add PSP's first game-improvement club, "The Little One," to H-G's signature fitting cart.

"We look forward to offering 'The Little One' on our fitting system," says Randall Henry, President of Henry-Griffitts. "It's a great training aid, and now our Henry-Griffitts Certified Teachers will be able to fit the product to that player's exact specs. It's a great combination."

Scottsdale, Ariz.-based PSP Golf was founded in 2007 by President/CEO Dan Bonomo, just another golfer frustrated with his apparent inability to make a simple golf swing. Knowing the importance of mastering a functional swing to enjoy golf, Bonomo used his baseball background and memories of the Thunder Stick batting training aid - a thin rod that promoted a grooved swing and solid contact - to develop a similar tool for golf, "The Little One," in 2000. Its head, which is just large enough for a golf ball, helps create a focus on a smaller impact area improving consistency and ball striking.  Otherwise, "The Little One" has the length, loft and weight of a normal 7-iron.

"We are very honored to be partners with Henry-Griffitts Golf, which we consider the world's best golf-fitting company," Bonomo says. "This is an extraordinary opportunity for PSP Golf. Our visibility and acceptance among tour players and teaching pros has continued to grow, while consumers quickly understand 'The Little One' is a simple, effective tool that will make all their golf clubs perform at a higher level."

Golf professionals and touring professionals marvel at how quickly "The Little One" gets players to focus on swing path and timing, leading to a smoother, more-consistent confident swing.  Following a 15 to 30 ball warmup with "The Little One", players then transition back to their own clubs and find they swing a little slower, less tense, more controlled and are likely to add a half-club to their usual iron distances.

"You're in an unknown environment hitting this club, so you have no unrealistic expectations - you don't feel you should hit a ball solidly," says Touring Professional Gary Birch Jr.  "But you do after time.  You're essentially swinging the sweet spot, learning through feedback to improve your impact position.  Training aids abound, but only a few help you coordinate the whole swing.  "The Little One" does that, and amazingly well."


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