Thursday, August 20, 2015

Poll Results: Collecting from Courses Played

Golfers are collectors - whether it’s memories or something tangible, we’re always going to take something home with us. Some people “collect” Top 100 courses. Me? I collect golf balls with the course logo on them. Turns out, I’m in the majority (plurality) of people who answered my poll question on Google+.

So, 31 percent of those answering collect logo balls - most priced between $2-3 - at a minimal cost. Coming in second was the score card (22 percent), which either costs nothing or the price of the round played, depending on how you look at it.

Nineteen percent collect apparel with the course logo on it. Considering that can range from $20 for a hat or towel to $100+ for a shirt or jacket, apparel will set you back the most. Rounding out the poll was a tie (13 percent) between ball mark and “other.”

Some of the comments ranged from funny (Jeremy Black: “Whatever the wagers were” and Tim Walker: “I’m not rich enough to collect apparel and play golf”) to inspirational (Rick Palmer: “One logo ball from each state I play in. Bucket list item”). I’d love to do that and cross off all 50!

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