Saturday, August 29, 2015

Product Review: Callaway Xfer Vibe

Have you ever played a round of golf without golf shoes? You’re slipping all over the place, right? Have you played in uncomfortable golf shoes? By the turn (if you’ve made it that far), you’re agonizing over every step and praying for the final putt on to drop ... before you do.

Having comfortable golf shoes is important. But there are so many from which to choose. I’ve paid top dollar for a European shoe and tested more gimmick(y) shoes than I care to remember. There are at least a dozen pairs of shoes in the golf room at the moment - some better than others.

Xfer Vibe Traction
Golf footwear is a tricky mistress because no two feet are the same. You’ve got to kiss a lot of frogs before you find that prince ... or shoe. In a sea of despair, however, a bright light emerged - Callaway Golf.

Even the top-selling shoe in the industry isn’t going to be right for everyone, so having a trusted name isn’t a guaranteed winner. We put the Callaway Xfer Vibe to the test.

The first thing you’ll notice - even before putting the Xfer Vibe on - is how lightweight it is. Having walked 18 holes in heavy, leather shoes, weight is a major selling point.

Before slipping them on, I bent, twisted and manipulated the Xfer Vibe. Again, flexibility goes a very long way when choosing the right golf shoe.

On the foot and laced up, comfort was amazing. I had not taken a swing, but I can say with 100 percent certainty that the Xfer Vibe was wonderfully cushioned, boasted a snug, no-pinch fit, and had ample room in the toe box while staying in place on my heel.

Lightweight, flexible and comfortable ... the Callaway Xfer Vibe is 3-for-3. But I can say the same for my Asics running shoe. How is the playability?

My original concern about spikeless golf shoes was traction. While many are excellent, there are plenty that fall short in this category. The Xfer Vibe delivers - holding your feet to the ground swing after swing. You’ll have to feel their “triangulated traction” for yourself - with varying patterns for uphill, downhill and lateral movement.

How about craftsmanship? With a name like Callaway, you’d expect quite a bit of quality and the company backs up its product with a 30-day comfort guarantee. And, while I wouldn’t recommend standing in a pond, there is a two-year limited water-resistant warranty covering any material or workmanship flaws that may result in water leaking into the shoes.

Callaway touts “out-of-the-box comfort” and I can’t disagree. As I said before, finding the right shoe for your foot is not easy, so plan to try on several makes and models. If you’re in the market for a spikeless golf shoe, do yourself a favor and make sure the Xfer Vibe is on your radar.

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