Monday, August 31, 2015

Poll: Gambling on the Golf Course

Gambling and golf ... The two “vices” have been around a long time. I can see Old Tom turning to his buddies and wagering a beer on the first one to hit a sheep with their mashie.

We have cinematic proof, as well, when Al Czervik bet Judge Smails $100 he’d slice into the woods. Gambling was illegal at Bushwood, of course, but that didn’t stop that pair from partnering up with Ty Webb and Dr. Beeper for a $20,000 match later in the movie.

Personally, I’m not much of a gambler - on the course or otherwise - but I have played a few games when joining various partners at the club. Hammer and Nassau are two games that come to mind.

Curious whether I was in the majority or minority, I posed the question on Google+: Do you gamble on the golf course? If yes, what's your preferred game?

The numerical results? More people (59 percent) shy away from wagering than those who bet (41 percent).

For those who gamble on the course, skins and wolf seem to be the most popular games, with Nassau also played quite often. Brief descriptions follow:
* Skins: Win a hole, win a set amount of money from your partners. This is a very basic form, with variances available.
* Nassau: It's essentially three tournaments (or bets) in one: the front nine, back nine and 18-hole scores all count as separate tournaments or bets.
* Wolf: Game can get pretty involved, but it’s generally played by a foursome with “wolf” alternating between the four from hole to hole. Wolf tees off first and can decide to go “lone wolf” (playing against the three and tripling the bet) before others tee off or pick a partner after each tee shot on that hole. This is where details get fairly long. Google it if you’re interested in more.

Jeremy Black offered up some comments and suggestions: “Wolf is one of the greats. Nassau, Regular Skins or Par to Prove Skins. Greenies, Sandies, Up & Downs, and Press on the18th.”

Blake Waller took it up a notch: “Awesome post. What is golf without a side wager? My 2 favorite are Vegas and Umbrella. Also love 9 point, 6-6-6, and wolf.”

He explained Umbrella a bit more, too.

Blake Waller: “Umbrella is an awesome game to anyone that doesn't know how ... Usually 2 vs 2 game. Every hole there is 5 points available:
1 nearest to hole in reg.
1 low ball
1 low total
2 birdie

If a team gets all 5 on a hole it is called Umbrella and points double. You can also throw rolls and re-rolls in on tee shots to make really interesting.”

Remind me NOT to gamble with Blake Waller.

Lastly, Therese louise Carpenter (Therese Avery) seems a bit paranoid ... “Ha ha this made me laugh!  +Rob Thomas do you work for the IRS :)”

I’m not sure how she voted, but she probably cleared her computer’s memory immediately after posting her comment.


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