Friday, August 21, 2015

Matthew Creech, PGA, Discusses Finish in his Twitter Golf Book Series

Matthew Creech, PGA, Head Golf Professional and Director of Operations at the Mayfield Sand Ridge Club, discusses the swing's finish in this edition of his Twitter Golf Book series.

Twitter Golf Book p. 23 - Finish. Balance. Fake it till you make it w/ finish. Good, bad or indifferent hold finish until ball lands.

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CoachJoeGolf said...

AMEN Matthew! You got it right with the focus on the finish. The average to intermediate golfer would hit much better shots if they focused on making the very best follow through they could. A GOOD finish can make up for a poorer swing.

MOST PGA Professionals teach a different METHOD swing every week based on which PGA TOUR pro is currently doing well and what is posted in the current golf magazine. Learning your correct position at the top of the back swing (based on your body physiology and strengths) and focusing on a great follow through can create much better shots which leads to much better scores.