Monday, August 31, 2015

Product Review: Club Glove - The Last Travel Bag

By Wayne Mills

This isn’t meant as an eat-your-heart-out piece. I am just the humble golf writer guy here to pass on valuable information to the golfers of the world. It is a tough gig sometimes but it is important work and somebody has to do it.

I travel a lot to golf destinations. I have done it for over 20 years and been all around North America and the Caribbean. Having played golf in 38 of the Lower 48, I am closing in on the career State Slam.

In my travels I am in airports and airplanes a lot. Despite all the horror stories I hear about air travel I can honestly say I have had very few problems getting around on airplanes. The airlines actually do a remarkable and safe job in getting people from one place to the other in a rather timely manner.

I have also never lost any luggage. My luggage has never been lost but it is always the worse for wear. I guess in the name of speed the baggage handlers beat the hell out of bags or maybe that’s just where they place the violent sociopaths.

In the name of research I have to take the tools of my trade-golf clubs (in addition to my iPhone, laptop and bottle opener) - wherever I go. In the process I have gone through several travel bags over the years. No more.

I finally have the indestructible Club Glove travel bag whose trademarked slogan is The Last Bag. It has already survived three trips unscathed and is ready for the next one.

Proudly manufactured in the USA, The Club Glove offers an unheard of No Questions Asked 5 year warranty. I have had travel covers fail to survive one trip. If you need another endorsement 90% of all PGA Tour players, whose golf clubs really are the tools of their trade, use the Club Glove travel bag.

Club Glove manufacturer West Coast Trends, Inc. was founded in 1990 by Jeffrey Herold, an entrepreneur, avid surfer, golfer and pilot. While surfing, Jeff wanted to fill a void in the golf marketplace and envisioned transforming his wetsuit into head covers. Soon after he introduced a line of premium neoprene head covers - aptly named The Club Glove - which quickly became popular with golfers of every skill level. 

Realizing a need for a quality golf travel bag, Jeff spent nearly a year designing the sturdy, dependable "Last Bag." Again aptly named as it may just be the "last bag" for travel you ever have to buy was named one of the top 10 innovations in golf in the last 20 years by Golf Digest.

MSRP IS $299. More info at

From the Pros

"I am not blowing any smoke, this is the best luggage I have ever used."

- Chris DiMarco

"The only sure thing about my golf game is my Club Glove."

– Peter Jacobsen

"It's the only luggage I use and it's the only luggage I'll ever use." 

– Scott McCarron

"It never wears out, when I'm dead and gone I'm using it for my coffin." 

– Gary McCord, Champions Tour

Wayne Mills is a member of the Golf Writers Association of America and Course Rater for a national magazine.


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