Thursday, July 11, 2019

Swing Thoughts Podcast Celebrates Its 100th Episode

Humble Howard Glassman and Tim O'Connor commemorate three years of exploring the mental rabbit holes of golf

(TORONTO)—What started as a lunch conversation between two golf nerds obsessed with the mental challenges of golf has become the popular Swing Thoughts podcast, which will release its 100thepisode this Saturday.

Co-hosted by Howard Glassman of fame, and performance coach Tim O’Connor, Swing Thoughts has developed a faithful audience over three years with people who like to laugh, learn, and be inspired to play better golf and even lead better lives.

Featuring national sponsors TaylorMade Golf and adidas Golf Canada, Swing Thoughts has also evolved into a radio show featured on TSN 1150 in Hamilton, Ontario on Saturdays at 11 a.m. Swing Thoughts will celebrate its 100th episode with a special commemorative show that debuts this Saturday, July 13.

Swing Thoughts is not only full of 100%-deep-golf-geek stories of on-course implosions and eureka moments, but Humble and Tim also talk to some of the greatest minds in golf, psychology and performance, including icons such as Fred Shoemaker, Karl Morris, Gabriele Wulf, Michael Hebron, Ellen Langer, Ed Coughlan, Judson Brewer, Joe Parent, Sean Foley, and many more.

“It’s amazing to realize this whole thing started with Tim and I having fascinating conversations about the mental minefields of golf. And we thought, ‘We should record this,’” said Glassman, a stand-up comic, a scratch golfer and one of Canada's best-known morning show hosts. You can hear Humble and Fred on Funny 820 in Hamilton each week day morning.

“I’m really proud of that our little podcast has evolved into this interesting and fun show that attracts people who are both fascinated and perplexed by the enormous challenge of dealing with our thoughts, emotions and behaviours on and off the course, which can seem absolutely crazy at times.”

O’Connor said: “The reason that Swing Thoughts has continued to grow its audience and reach the 100-episode mark is because Howard and I go down the mental rabbit holes that all golfers experience but often don’t talk about, and we freely explore our own personal stories.

“Swing Thoughts is fun but also professional. As co-host for nearly 30 years of the Humble and Fred Show, Howard is a masterful host and a tremendous interviewer, and I bring a similar amount of experience as a journalist, golf writer and as a coach,” said O’Connor, who is Mental Performance Coach at the Glen Abbey Academy in Oakville, Ontario, Head Coach of the University of Guelph golf team, and the author of four books, including The Feeling of Greatness: The Moe Norman Story).

To hear the 100thepisode, listen on TSN 1150, and subscribe to the Swing Thoughts pocast by visiting iTunes.

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